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Brand new in those deeper days


like a rocka move
and feel and see and be

like rocka move
and feel free to be

inspired by the music
from the drum and the mouse

yes this is the mouth
the outer national agent

coming to send you to
funtastic travel

with all the heros of sound
you can get right into it

by sending cash or cybercheque
to any persons of names

on the following list

Gabriel Le Mar, Quantec, youANDme, Luke Hess, Marko Fürstenberg, DanKe

like a rocka move
and feel and see and be

like rocka move
and feel free to be

(words by George DIN)





dub2dust records is going to start their vinyl-label, releasing electronic dance music with a special focus on the various colours of deep DubTechno and Dub inspired TechHouse.

As artists and remixers Marko Fürstenberg, Gabriel Le Mar, Quantec, Luke Hess and youANDme will light a match this year for dub2dust, reflecting their passion and respect for the needs of a Dub head on the floor.
The dub-feeling is clearly the inspiration behind the general flavor of the dub2dust sound and will demonstrate innovative efforts to offer interesting hybrids of techno/house music. 

dub2dust records is operated by Gabriel Le Mar, Carsten Schorr and Michael Heise and based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany



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Artist: Gabriel Le Mar
Release: what´s your sleeper?
Release Format: EP - Vinyl
Label: Dub2Dust Records
Release Date:  2012, May
Catalog: d2d_001

A1 DiscoVery
B1 what´s your sleeper?
B2 what´s your sleeper? (Quantec´s "afterhour at the sunrise" Remix)

The EP is available on vinyl - distributed by DBH - www.dbh-music.com
With his first release on dub2dust Gabriel Le Mar again shows his side as a producer focussing on dubtech music with an energetic flow.

Quantec remixed up a great dub rocker, let us get going through deep and floating dub chords and nerdy piano rolls.The tracks are a wonderful example of going through waves concerning energy and flow with one result - something more musical and playful.

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You can get a taste of the music here:








Artist: youANDme
Release: mouche
Release Format: EP - vinyl
Label: Dub2Dust Records
Release Date:  2012, july
Distribution: DBH
Catalog: d2d_002

A1 mouche
B1 mouche - Electric Dub Remix by Luke Hess


Martin Mueller of youANDme and Luke Hess, two friends and outstanding musical personalities get together to change some fresh musical ideas here on this vinyl on dub2dust records. Their inspiration is fueled by the sound of Detroit and unified in a taste for the dub ornaments that they expand on.

Mixed with dubwise soundeffects and the inherent feel of experimental producing, youANDme started working on "mouche" on a warm summer day and that is reflected in the deep DubTechHouse flow of "mouche".

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Luke Hess picks up the flow and brings the summer vibe for hot days in his "DeepLabs Studio" in Detroit through his very own manner by working out his unique handwrite in groove and sound.

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Both artists share a rather minimalistic musical approach on their productions that on the other side differ from their individual production style or handwrite despite to what they agree in common.

On Mouche the dubmasters expose a musical symbiosis and provide finest techdub episodes - both tunes were perfectly made for a night in the club and at the same time satisfy the home-listener as well that share our passion for the colors of DubTechno music.

german review de:bug 06/12

Wie ein Swimming Pool voll wohlig kribbelnder Nebelpaste präsentiert sich der neue Track von youANDme, der gleich einiges an Wunschträumen triggert. Der Pool, der liegt natürlich hoch oben über der Stadt, unten die Lichter, alles leicht verschoben und ungewöhnlich langsam, dafür endlos. Es sind genau diese Momente, die das Leben wieder für uns entscheiden. Dass ein richtiger Dub weich sein muss, das wissen wir, dieser hier jedoch ist so zart und jungfräulich kuschelnd, dass man aus dem Staunen nicht mehr herauskommt. Eine Momentaufnahme der Perfektion, des gepolsterten Hamsterrads, in dem sich die Profis auslaufen und regenerieren können. Luke Hess schwingt im seinem Remix am Swing-Kippschalter taktgenau mit, verzahnt den Rückstoß mit genau richtig ziependen HiHats und eröffnet eine neue Runde im Kampf um die größte Sprungfeder auf dem Floor.


review has been posted by Vito Camarretta at music web portal Chain D.L.K.


dj feedbacks

Echonomist will use both versions for different hours of my sets and i am sure that they will rule the dancefloor! thanx for sharing :) Pablo Bolivar thanks for this beauties Gab, feeling the original! Pascal FEOS Luke Hess Electric Dub Mix  i like a lot ...will Play!! D. Diggler Mega ! LOVE IT !! Toni Rios luke hess mix my fav. a little bit pitched and it will be a great primetime track ...... WOW!!!! Lars Wickinger horny chill stuff! Great! Nicolas MASSEYEFF i really like the Original !!! Mike Vamp / Maertini Brös what a great remix from Luke Hess. Drags you right in and leaves you floating on perfect arrangement Miguel Tutera 2 tracks amazing for dub2dust records Technasia great EP! will definitely play it Danny Tenaglia both sound great ... thank you for the links!!! all the best from NY!! Riley Reinhold this has a nice chez damier touch to it, super groove... nice atmosphere... really liking this. Mihalis Safras another belter guys! big up! Cio D´Or / Prologue both Dubtracks are very beautiful for summer with a danceable groove! Great! Mirco Violi amazing luke hess remix, play for sure! thank you for the music Larsson great music... i love the original and the remix!! Full support!! Thanks






Artist: DanKe   
Release: over feeling EP
Release Format: digital  
Label: Dub2Dust Records
Release Date:  2012, oct.  
Distribution: digital, beatport
Catalogue: d2d_003


1 palaven
2 never ends
3 exodus cluster
4 inland


Everything comes, everything goes. Something remains.
For his newest release on the label "Dub2Dus Records" Italian producer DanKe has has formed transcendency out of air. Serenely and deep; directly from the depths of wide space the four tracks of the EP „Over of feeling“ form a velvety-dark ambient cover over sluggish-diminished beat structures.

The first track "Palaven" celebrates it´s solidly grooving own melancholy in deepness. A dreamy look aside after a long night. With "Never Ends" danKe  slightly pulls the tempo and quite easily circles with string pads finally into the orbit. With rolling beat cascades and springy patterns "Exodus Cluster “ enters dark new territory, somewhere on a wide surface between ambient and techno.
Then "Inland" takes off once again with dreamy chords and an almost quite affectionately pulsating tech-house groove in the echorain and flies away.

Everything comes. Everything goes. The tracks on the EP " Over Feeling “ remain –
in the ear, in the momentum, in the dubtechno-sound universe and tell their history about chords, science-fiction and transcendency.  








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