Our debut album „Mystic Cigarettes" becomes 20 years in 2017


Our mystical journey began 1997 in England and we listened to „Mystic Cigarettes“, deepened in our roots of psychedelic ambient dub music. It was logical to see a packet of mystic cigarettes on the cover of our first album, designed by Simon Ghahary and a fantastic artwork by Brahma. At that time Simon was the A&R manager for BlueRoomReleased/UK; he signed us and became a close friend.

His design is shaping our covers and views even today. Since then Saafi Brothers has become nicely spacious. What began as a remix-project for german bands like "Camouflage" and "die Fantastischen Vier“ in a small studio in pretty chaotic nights, was full of enthusiasm. Today we produce in two studios here in Frankfurt and as a real band project - and with the same enthusiasm.


True, in this 20 years we also learned something about travelling and the spirit of timeless beauty, but above all it is our friendship that keeps the rhythm beating. We retained our love for Chillout and Dub with deep and melodic soundscapes - although we are also attracted to Techno in our solo-projects.


To be in a band playing at festivals were definitely highlights. Ozora, Sziget, Tribal Gathering, Roskilde, Psy-Fi, great new adventures. Music and production as our purpose in life. And truly a privilege. Something, that we want to share again and again. With you.
In that sense we look forward to an exciting jubilee year in 2017 with various activities ahead of us and we are thankful more than once for the wonderful journey. We will start with the remix EP for our new album on Youth label LSD (Liquid Sound Design/UK). Friends and fellow artists remixed with nice feelings of our new tracks.


So you can look forward to the remixes by Kuba, Tripswitch, Gabriel Le Mar, and by Youth. Our new album, dedicated to the oneness of being, and a second remix EP with Carbon Based Lifeforms and more artists will follow soon. Soul wrenching deep and bassy tunes to space out - off the planet once again...


"Although one might assume that the trance-tripping fraternity smoked hash, the herbal influence was rarely explicit except in recordings such as Mystic Cigarettes by the Saafi Brothers, described on one web site as “a semi-chill album for getting stoned to.”







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MOS 6581 our Saafi Brothers Remix for Carbon Based Lifeforms out now on Leftfield Records

Remixes also from Hardfloor, Ajja and a special Life version from the electronica duo.






afternoon chill out vibes


...and when the party is over, there's a dream of the next mover...

hope you enjoy our Live-Set at Ozora Festival 2015 at the Chill Out Dome







feel like we play




ghosts in the tree 

everybody knows
ghosts in the tree 
they watch out 
by your side 
- in your dream 
everybody knows 
ghosts in the sea 
they swim by your side
- when you play wild 
everybody knows 
when you fly 
through the trees 
ghosts in the bee 
- save you from crazy
everybody knows 
ghosts in the wind 
will blow for you 
- if you dare 
everybody knows 
ghosts in the night 
will chase the wind 
- if you want 
everybody knows 
ghosts in the house 
they let you live 
- if you give 
everybody knows 
running free 
all around 
to believe 
- in the Sea 
everybody knows 
free - and 
let we be 
- and just see 


lyrics by George DIN for Live on the Roadblog





Live on the Roadblog



from deep atmospheric to pushing and always Dub inspired


Our album Live on The Roadblog is released on CD and shipping out on May 2015.

Please feel free to order from Bandcamp (limited edition) - Label: Carpe Sonum Novum/US








starting the year with clear heads and finished the remixes for Moving Crossroads. Release in June 2015! We know you`re waiting for the CD of Live on the Roadblog. The CD is now released on Carpe Sonum Novum/US in May 2015. And yeah 2015 we are back in the studio working on a new album and looking forward to perform at Ozora Festival/HU and New Healing/G. Hope you will enjoy all this!

We wish everyone to be safe and happy!

Peace and love





move your mountain, move mountains

Saafi Brothers walk a deep line between trippy vibes and blissed out beats. The origins of Saafi Brothers are long and storied, their brand of smoky, world-weary ambient dub first arising from the Blue Room label.

Soul wrenching deep ambient tunes are layered gently into tranced and bassy beats. Saafi Brothers' debut "Mystic Cigarettes" came out in 1997 on the british label Blue Room Released. With the today classic psydub album, the project consisting of Frankfurt/Germany based producers Gabriel Le Mar, Groovetitan, George DIN and Michael Kohlbecker, immediately placed itself among the artists of the electronic ambient scene.
The Saafis returned to the studio in 2000, delivered their second longplayer on Blue Room, "Midnight’s Children". The album represented another perfect demonstration of the Saafi-style made up of the will to experiment and get deep into low-down dub and beats, that get the tunes rocking.

Their third album "Liquid Beach" followed that way even with more danceable elements and boasting a soundtrack of trance, dub, downtempo, dance and sun-kissed psychedelics.

They were part of the cultstatus titled german TV-show Space Night and are asked for remixes for other artists, among them are reggae legend Bob Marley, leading german hip hop group Die Fantastischen Vier or british new wave poetress Anne Clark. With their fourth album - "Supernatural" - the brothers made a strong musical relationship and combines electronic sounds from ambient to dub with lucid soundscapes and blissful themes.

Originally released digitally on Iboga Records in 2014, "Live on the Roadblog" is the 5th full-length by Saafi Brothers. Sleepless-faced on music Saafi Brothers digged deep into a series of "live recording sessions", rediscovering the emotional depth of "real-time created music" after a couple of live shows that fueled the idea of creating an entirely live recorded album. The crossing line in this axis is the storytelling aspect that is reflected in the directional lyrics, based on poems by George DIN. "Live on the Roadblog" has the power to touch our souls and is underpinned with a deep message. It’s all about the journey and setting off, being on the road and getting ready for the experiences and deepness that lie ahead. The CD includes a gorgeous 8-page "travelogue"-style booklet designed by Simon Ghahary, released on Carpe Sonum Novum/US.


Saafi Brothers 6th album „The Quality Of Being One“ in going to be released on Youth label LSD (Liquid Sound Design/UK) in 2017.

Live Saafi Brothers played with deeply twisted vocals, percussion and dubby pumping rhythms at festivals like Ozora, Sziget, Hadra, Tribal Gathering, Roskilde or Psy-Fi.










nothing belongs to me

all I have is my backpack

this is freedom








Live on the Roadblog - out now on digital

let us invite you to listen to our new album (digital on Iboga Records/DK)



hope our ideas will travel






cover artwork by Simon Ghahary  www.ghahary.com



Life on the Roadblog is about doing our first journeys, being on the road and moving crosscroads. No looking back, leaving things behind and running free, with only dust in the eyes. Walking the highway towards the big unknown with all light or dark it could bring.

Every place that we came has its moment. With all the atmospheres and images in our minds, Saafi Brothers listen closer, reflective in our vision and interact with each other through our strong musical relationship.








infinity is reality
in a rolls in bombay 
another indian digital day 
I am a smartie on a party 
talkin to a doctor from tibet 
Yes you bet 
good medicine he had 
and then bang he went sad 
it`s hard to touchbut clear to see
that freedom`s just a word 
because infinityis a reality
tea tea tea tea 
in a rolls in bombay 
another indian digital day 
I am a doctor a smartie
talkin to vips on the party
Yes you betsuch a good medicine I had 
and then bang bang they act mad 
and all that it was about bout bout bout 
was hard to touchbut clear to see
that infinity is a reality
the bars for you and me
infinity ia a reality


lyrics by George DIN for Live on the Roadblog







Moving Crossroads

cover artwork by Simon Ghahary  www.ghahary.com


On the reals our new EP Moving Crossroads - the Remixes (digital in May 2015) 

"Moving Crossroads" from the Saafi Brothers album "Live on the Roadblog" is a highly groovin’ affair. Here the Saafi’s thoughts are pointing beyond the horizon and to the future. Moving Crossroads has the power to touch our souls and is underpinned with a deep message. It’s all about the journey and setting off, being on the road and getting ready for the experiences that lie ahead.

Descriptively the original track has a relaxed atmosphere and the sounds are gliding over a lovely electronic soundscape. The Moving Crossroads Remixes are focused on the same melodic character and deepness of the original track in combination with the individuality of each of the remixers sound signatures.

The remixes are pointing towards the dance floor and are ranging from Techno movers like the remixes of Fünf D, Gabriel Le Mar and Bidiol, while Groovetitan emphasizes an all out electro funkiness. These mixes are built for the dance floor whilst being connected with the same Saafi spirit and chillin’. All these sounds are aimed to stimulate mind and soul as well as the body.

Collaboration is the key as the remixers Fünf D, Gabriel Le Mar, Groovetitan and Bidiol are all individual sound projects from members within the Saafi Brothers core team.








please feel free to take a look at the video Moving Crossroads

let's get into this atmosphere





Live on the Roadblog lyrics are born on the move


in the eye of the storm

bird on a treetop / doesn`t think twice it`s free /
sings it`s song nonstop / never tryin to be

fish in the great sea / doesn`t long for the shore /
swimmin forever / never diving for mo-re

in the eye of the storm
one is gone one is born
in the eye of the storm
every place that I come

flower by the roadside / doesn`t worry it`s free /
opening to sunlight / feeding a bee

so many people / ride on some track
I`m movin crosscroads / never look back

in the eye of the storm
one is gone one is born

in the eye of the storm
every place that I come

life`s an illusion / thats what people say
but pains feeling real / doesnt feel like we play
when I´m hit when I`m down / when I´m am not feeling warm
I am travelling home / to the eye of the strom

words in the great books / they don`t seem to fit me
for I was born bad / and a misfit I´ll be

walking the highway / heaven and hell
vagabond I am / and my stories I tell

in the eye of the storm
one is gone one is born
in the eye of the storm
every place that I come


lyrics by George DIN




For our new album "Live on the Roadblog" the brotherhood came together in a special live recording room of "the Bunker" in Frankfurt and connected their individual set-ups to one sound-system, jamming live, developing ideas and recording them constantly.

The result was a numerous of tracks of which we compiled a bunch of the strongest appealing tunes and formed them in the studio to an intense and deep listening experience journey.

An exciting journey on our way to a revealing discovery, that has helped us grow and at the same time rewarding.


Life on the Roadblog is released digital in 2014 on Iboga Records/DK and on CD in 2015 on Carpe Sonum Novum/US



Performing artists
Gabriel Le Mar: Guitars, electric bass, fx + dub mixing
Michael Kohlbecker: keyboards & synthesizers
Petro Nikolaidis (Groovetitan): drums & percussion, modular-synth programmings
Luca Anzilotti: sample-treatments, sfx, synth-programmings
Rikta Schaden: Dilruba & other indian instruments
George DIN: lyrics

Perla Audio: mastering

All songs are live recorded during the recording sessions at the Bunker/Frankfurt


please feel free to listen to




for booking Saafi Brothers please feel free to contact:

Le Mar Booking
mail  annette@le-mar.de











on the Roadblog

my feet in the air
my hands on the ground
my eyes are closed
watching the scene around

strange creatures
intruding my world
a flying fish
a diving bird

a talking tree
a crying clown
the day begins
the sun goes down
writin´ feelings on paper
feeling words in my bone
friends around
and I´m feeling lone

strange creatures
intruding my head
bugs with a brain
and a howlin cat

a singing pot
a silent god
a giant knocked down
by a thought


lyrics from Live on the Roadblog album by George DIN 




Simon Ghahary gave us the chance to have Saafi Brothers released and signed us for BlueRoomReleased for our first albums. Simon creates the cover designs and the outstanding BlueRoom speakers. He is now based in Southern California and has some great projects, delivering visions and concepts that hopefully enhance everyday experience and most importantly make people smile. Simon has some incredible new speakers on the way.







Gabriel Le Mar brings the Saafi Brothers into the club: in his mash-up mix he features Saafi Brothers trax and melt them together with floorfillers by the likes of Fábel, Nicolas Masseyeff, Beckers & D-Nox, Oliver Klein, Vollmer, Brendel, Frank Leicher and Pascal Feos.


special thx for support to Das Kraftfuttermischwerk!

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk is a nice german based blog with the focus on visual art, culture and electronic music.







Many stories must stay unmentioned at this point leaving an open space for future creation. Being productive and live-experienced artists since more than a decade Saafi Brothers productions and live-appearances continue.

This summer the Saafis were playing at the HADRA Festival in France, working on a new album to walk a deep line between dubtech orientation and blissed out beats. Luca Anzilotti, Rikta, George DIN and Groovetitan joins Gabriel Le Mar and Michael Kohlbecker for the production.


Music and ideas and it will always go on


Moments of Clarity


I´ve found a place
so beautiful
I am watching the moon
bright and almost full
I am happy
that`s my program
let the gods express themselves
through me or let them be
any other category
I have found a place to live
in the shades of chimeys
´pon the rooftop
in the presence of whatever will come
all I have is my backpack
nothing belongs to me
this is freedom

the world goes on
moments of clarity
here for everyone, for everyone





Saafi Brothers on facebook







There is only one project that was able to speed up fantasies of BlueRoom, UK - Saafi Brothers.
Inspired by his annual travels to India, Gabriel Le Mar starts a conspiration with Frankfurt-based producer Michael Kohlbecker on researching unkown spiritual flight-zones in exotic club sound environments. Saafi Brothers quickly make their way into the hearts of music lovers. The debut LP "Mystic Cigarettes" and the following second LP "Midnight's Children" reached cultstatus worldwide and were responsible for a new Saafi-sound. With their unique sound of deep vibes and dubby influences, these guys made a little revolution on their own and kept releasing their music with their third longplayer "Liquid Beach" on Secret Life Recordings/EFA and their fourth album "Supernatural".

Listen to




Our good friend Simon Ghahary has his new site up that tells the history of his company BlueRoom that produced such amazing speakers, music, art and more.







Saafi Brothers are an electronics oriented outfit that perpetuates trippy vibes and calming EFX. However, the musicians (Michael Kohlbecker and Gabriel Le Mar) enhance their palette with pumping rhythms and inauspicious treatments amid quaint melodies. They effectively meld elements of the visual with lucid soundscapes and blissful themes. Hence, it becomes easily discernible why these artists are in demand for commercials and film scores. There's an underlying pulse embedded among all of the dance-like implications.....  allaboutjazz.com






With an emphasis on "live sound manipulations" and fat basslines laying down deep and dub-wise grooves, the Saafi Brothers presenting their 5th album Supernatural.

On Supernatural, Saafi Brothers play dreamy, chiming trance music that glides effortlessly from the abstract "High Moon" to the Krautrock-influenced "Something Outside" and the drifting solar voyage of "Under the Stars." The occasional languid female vocal samples and the duo's frequent use of vintage Moog sounds give these "tranquil tracks" a transporting quality that's almost hypnotic.

...these guys put together a unique blend of riddims and synthesis that is hard to describe, but delicious to behold. obviously oweing a bit to reggae, but entirely electronic, these are spicy mellifluous grooves perfect for the beach, pool or kegger. imminently sociable vibes with sensually blissful chill zones, this stuff induces a free-floating hedonistic well-being that intimates a sense of fun and play that's hard to beat or even aspire to. these guys give you what others are trying for but end up being too relaxing to be social or too activating to be mellowizing. the Saafi Brothers hit the perfect balance!  geocities.com

german review at laut.de








If you are addicted to definitions, Saafi Brothers are the best therapy to get clean again. There is no other project in electronic music business which was / is able to found successfully a new Sound beyond of all known classifications like Michael Kohlbecker and Gabriel le Mar from Frankfurt. The debut LP "Mystic Cigarettes" and the following second mystic LP "Midnight's Children" reached cultstatus worldwide and were responsible for a new often copied sound. Liquid Beach the third Longplayer of the Saafi Brothers will follow that way even with more innovative elements and deepness. Their 3rd album Liquid Beach is presenting a big variety of music, smooth and suspended, nearly without gravitiation ambientsounds, relaxed pulsetating grooves and very mystic harmonies which let you dance and dream. "Danceable Listening Music" is the name of this secret. Powerfull Chilling, tension and relaxation - the oil which is needed for the motor of those two creative producers from Frankfurt Kohlbecker and Le Mar.

....A lot of the material here has a "deceptive sense of duality". On one had, the music would be ideal for "chilling out at home" - or tripping depending on your poison. At the same time, there's enough hustle happening that the material is eminently danceable. That juxtapose is at work on a cut like "Sunchild," a tribal number with an enveloping density but persistent and chugging beat. Again on "Lovin' Music," with its deeply twisted vocals and great percussion, and the title album track, Liquid Beach. The album is rounded off with two different mixes of the morning trance-tinged "Metapop." Liquid Beach is a fantastic destination boasting a soundtrack of trance, dub, downtempo, dance and "sun-kissed psychedelics"......  365mag.com 

...The Saafi Brothers make a hybrid of ambient, dub, house, and trance. And within these softly "progressive" realms, the Saafi Brothers have previously made some smooth-listening gems of chill-out. In 1997, their album Mystic Cigarettes delved into ambience and tranced beats that was fascinating, if not attuned to its time, what in the early '90s would have been somewhere in the realm of ambient house, of Café del Mar compilations, The Orb and The KLF's Chill Out...  Stylus Mag







"Gabriel Le Mar" und "Michael Kohlbecker" - wenige Künstler können auf eine so große Anzahl verschiedenster Projekte verweisen, von denen auch noch dermaßen viele wegweisend sind... Oft kopiert, oft zitiert, nie erreicht - die Rede ist natürlich von den "Saafi Brothers"...Mit ihrem Debüt "Mystic Cigarettes" gelang Ihnen 1997 der ganz grosse Wurf direkt in die Herzen der Listening-, Goa- und Trance-Fans weltweit. Schnell war die Rede von einem der größten Klassiker.....  subculture (interview)

....Die Augen gerötet und auf endlos gestellt, auch mit dem dritten Album Liquid Beach liefern Le Mar und Kohlbecker zehn neue Volltreffer in Chillout-Kontor. Es blubbert, fließt, schwebt und wabert an allen (nicht vorhandenen) Ecken und Enden. Dabei reduziert sich das Album keineswegs auf reine ambiente Watte-Texturen, sondern gewinnt - Saafi-typisch - dank trippig pulsierender Beats, windiger Hooks, aufleuchtender 303-Spielereien und teilweise handgespielter Gitarren und Percussions immer wieder an Fahrt und Kontur....Die Saafis bleiben der Garant für nach "innen gerichtete Ekstasen".  Raveline (heavy rotation)

....Das Konzept der chilligen Sounds und sanften Beats hat sich bewährt, warum also das winning Team changen? Eben. Wie gehabt flunscht der Rhythmus und schmuften die Melodien. Wie, dir sagen diese Verben nix? Um die Sound-Tüfteleien der Herren Kohlbecker und Le Mar zu beschreiben, muss man tief im Satzkonstruktions-Baukasten kruschteln. Ambient, House, Trance, Goa, Techno, Downbeat sind nur leere Worthülsen, denn die Saafi Brothers schweben darüber..... laut.de




i´m free like a bird
moving like a snake
i hide in the underground
i´m gone like the wind
i move like the waves
i play all day
no regrets
i know there`s a price
i am ready to pay
for i got nothing to loose
free to move that`s my choice
i need no toys
money diamonds rolls royce
only dust in my eyes
i wanna see clearly
beauty around me
i was born to be
a traveller

vagabond soul
moving on

come join me on my track
no looking back
be part of my way
come and play
right here and now

lyrics by George DIN for "Live on the Roadblog"








After a long tour with numerous live and dj sets in clubs and at festivals (a.o. Tribal Gathering/UK, Roskilde/DK) the Saafis returned to the studio in early 2000 and by the end of that year delivered their 2nd longplayer on Blue Room Released, Midnight´s Children. The album represented another perfect demonstration of the Saafi-style made up of the will to experiment and a feeling for the combination of different influences between west and east.
The extracted 12" "Into Deep" Pt. 1+2 found the way into many record bags of club- and radio-djs all over Europe, the b-side track "Not Fade Away" featured guest producer Mike Maguire from british project Juno Reactor

....After the debut "Mystic Cigarettes" their second  album "Midnight's Children" again is a futuristic pleasure: The everflowing modulating sound structures in such perfect shape from one mood to another, that listening to the 72 minute long CD for someone who engages fully on the artificial music becomes a really short stay auditory journey. Dub, Ambient, Techno and again between shining through ethno elements form flawless to composed  arrangements ...... revolution in silence.... www.3sat.de








If one comes to speaking about good, yet unusual projects in the years, the name "Saafi Brothers" falls over again - and with Midnight's Children" they send in further guarantee of taste and style into the hot race for pole position  ..... The two sound wizards Gabriel Le Mar and Michael Kohlbecker are releasing on London based label "Blue Room". Since 1995, this effort is already an intellectual foundation for trance dub, and has thus become a grail of good taste.  Loop

"Liquid Beach" a masterpiece in terms of sound design: Nirvana stretched samples, endless sweeps morphing through an extensive network of pulsating sound-scapes, which never lacks vigor and groove. Mighty Dub bass levels opening up to feelings that are not even guessed at in ordinary chillout tracks... Keyboards Mag


german review vision




Saafi Brothers releases


Mystic Cigarettes  (3xLP vinyl, CD, digital)
Release:  1997
Label:  Blue Room Released/ UK
Mastered by: Kevin Metcalf
Painting by Brahma
Cover Design: Think 1

Internal Code Error (CD)
Release:  1997
Label:  Blue Room Released/ UK
Mastered by: Kevin Metcalf
Remixes by X-Dream, Bandulu, Jammin' Unit
Cover Design: Simon Ghahary

Internal.Code.Error Remixes (12" vinyl)
Release:  1997
Label:  Blue Room Released/ UK
Mastered by: Kevin Metcalf
Remixes by Bandulu and Jammin' Unit

Internal Code Error (12" vinyl)
Release:  1997
Label:  Blue Room Released/ UK
Mastered by: Kevin Metcalf
Remix by X-Dream
Cover Design: Simon Ghahary

The Deep Part 1 / Not Fade Away (12" vinyl)
Release:  1999
Label:  Blue Room Released/UK
co-written by Mike Maguire

Midnight's Children  (2xLP vinyl, CD, digital)
Release:  2000
Label:  Blue Room Released/US
Mastered by: Kevin Metcalf
Photography by Rick Guest 
Cover Design: Think 1

Liquid Beach  (2xLP vinyl, CD, digital)
Release:  2003
Label:  Secret Live Recordings/EFA
Cover Design: Everfresh Design

Supernatural  (CD, digital)
Release:  2007
Label:  Zyx Music
Mastered by: Ulf Horbelt
Cover Image: Corbis Motion

Live on the Roadblog (CD, digital)
Release:  2014/2015
Label:  Iboga Records/ DK (digital)
Label: Carpe Sonum Novum/ US (CD)
Mastered by: Perla Audio
Cover Design: Simon Ghahary



Moving Crossroads (Remixes) (digital)
Release:  2015
Label:  LMP (digital)
Mastered by: Perla Audio
Cover Design: Simon Ghahary



Saafi Brothers video mix









The Saafi Brothers debut Mystic Cigarettes was released in 1997 on the well known british label "Blue Room Released". With the internationally successful and today "classic album" the project consisting of Frankfurt/Germany based producers Gabriel Le Mar, Alex Azary and Michael Kohlbecker immediately placed itself among the first row of the ambient and electronic scene. Tracks from the album have been released on numerous compilations, the extracted 12" "Internal.Code.Error.930" featured a remix by british techno/dub project Bandulu and became a club hit.                                        

....Here, through the magic of graphic design, they turn a CD case into a packet of Indian fags. Fat ones. Think huge herbal cones rolled seamless into triptastic charras cartridges tipped with jasmine roaches. You inhale, and you float. Hey. Load this album into its CD socket and the effect is much the same.....serve up a toke spectacular including stand-put pulsating dreamers "Sweet Sirenes, "Together in Silence", "Supervision", "Internal Code Error" and the oddly named, yet inpeccably produced "2046". A musical hologram best appreciated in orbit...  Muzik Magazine 12.97

Soul wrenching deep and bassy ambient tunes that take a while to reach you but really grip you when they do. "Sweet Sirenes" starts off the voyage with bopping drums over a wide soundscape that increase in pace to reach an enfolding crescendo. "On Air" gets down and dubby as does the ample and floating "2046" both with a subtile but effective sprinkling of "classical Indian Vibers". "Together in Silence" is my favourite. Saafi Brothers get deeper into "low-down dub" and add drum trills that get the tune rocking only to space out, off the planet once again... Wax 11.97






Dub it or not. These days you can get Saafi Brothers in different styles and packages.

In a Pumping style Saafi Brothers spin a lot of his own "electronic dubby material" - adding live overdubs and visuals. Their live- and dj- sets cover a wide spectrum of electronic music: they will take us on a trip through a variety of 4-2-the-floor-styles from "deep trancey TechHouse" to energetic "soulful Techno", merging their own productions with their DJ selection into one mix. It combines energized titles from the album "Supernatural" and Saafi alltime favorites. The Rest of the evening is pushed and enlightened by new energetic DJ-Sets of Michael and Gabriel performed on the decks and with "Ableton Live Software".

In an ambient dub style Saafi Brothers play ambient and dub as well as leftfield and electronic sounds. So far, they has played at huge festivals like Tribal Gathering/UK, Roskilde/DK, Arvika Festival/SW, Vision/CH, Sziget/HU, Hadra/FR, Ozora/HU, Psy-Fi/FR or Summer Jam and had been guests in many clubs around the globe.

Booking contact: annette(at)le-mar.de






Saafi Brothers remixes

2016 Suns of Arqa: Sadrayama (Saafi Brothers remix), Liquid Sound Design. The remix is dropping deep and atmospheric into an eastern dub.


2015 X-Dream: Freak (Saafi Brothers remix) for the upcoming remixalbum on Tip Records. In the beginning of Saafi Brothers, X-Dream did a great remix of one of their first tracks and supported the project with an excellent production and progressive thinking of how to re-shape the "internal code error" track. Now it`s time to give something back. 

2000 KoxBox: Crunchy Moles (Saafi Brothers remix), LiquidAudioSoundz
with a lot of twisted fx and dubby beats - the remix of "A Major Problem in Australia" as known as "Crunchy Moles" from KoxBox album "The Great Unkown"

1999 Jam & Spoon: Stella (Saafi Brothers remix), SonyMusic
The Single called "Stella 1999-1992 (How Stella Got Her Groove Back)" well remixed by Westbam, Tall Paul and Saafi Brothers

1997 Anne Clark: Nida (Saafi Brothers remix),  Sony/Columbia
Second treatment for Anne Clark`s x-cellent tune Nida

1995 B-Zet feat. Darlesia: Caught Within (Saafi Brothers Treatment), Eye-Q Records
Salinas-style stoned-n-mello e-lectronix. Special 12" promo-release was limited to one thousand copies only and sent to one thousand selected people by Eye-Q Records

1995 C.K.B. feat. Bob Marley: Sun Is Shining (Weed Selectors remix), BMG
Mixed by Michael Kohlbecker, Reverend, George DIN and Gabriel Le Mar - informal dub collective merging the Saafi Brothers & Serious Dropout possie in a deep, dubby, trancey mix. Sun is shining - the weather is sweet…"great honour to work with Bob`s vocals - one of our favourite Bob tunes anyway - we treated the original Trojan release version - one love!"

Die Fantastischen 4: Sie Ist Weg (Saafi Brothers remix), Sony /Columbia
When the guys from Fanta 4 listened to the Aural Float remix of Camouflage's "Bad News" they took the decision to get in touch with that sound and asked for a remix of their new single "Sie ist weg". That release made it multiple-platinum in the charts of all german speaking countries and marks the beginning of the core Saafi Brothers production team with Gabriel Le Mar and Michael Kohlbecker. The Saafi Brothers remix is in a minimalistic-mello-holographic form.