Everybody knows Gabriel Le Mar has been into dub electronica, also with his project Saafi Brothers since years and many inspiring albums made up their way to the musically likeminded listeners. Intense moments of collaborations can be found on his albums.





On Being A Musician



2023 Gabriel Le Mar & dreamAwaken: Gnosis in Dub - digital EP (Lucidflow Records) - DubTechno/TechHouse


Gnosis in Dub

Free Your Mind feat. Markie J

Free Your Mind feat. Markie J (D. Diggler Remix)

Free Your Mind feat. Markie J (Dub Taylor Remix)

Gnosis in Dub (Klartraum Remix)



Gabriel Le Mar, has teamed up with dreamAwaken, and together they're dropping two stellar tracks that'll give you all the feels! The musical connection in both tracks is the melting of Dub and DubTechno elements with minimalistic TechnoHouse music into deep and groovy body and mind music for the soul.






2022 Gabriel Le Mar: Transition Stage - digital album (LMP) - Techno/Acid/Dub


Acid Guitar

Transition Stage

Misty Love Song

Walk At Night

Walked Into A Dream

Funky Projections

Activating The Visual

Still Trippin' With Ralf + Florian

Micromelodic (Organic Jam)

Acid Guitar (Beatless)



On his album Transition Stage Gabriel conveys his personal musical ideas, continues to experiment with his hand-played guitar sounds and, in a very danceable way, deepens his favourite genres such as techno, acid and dub into an organic blend.





2022 Saafi Brothers: Make Pictures With The Sound - CD (Liquid Sound Design Records/UK) - Electronica/Psychedelic Dub


Beautiful Satellite

Rays of Dawn

108 Elements

Bound to The Night

In Far Away Places

Sucked Into The Sound

Lovin' The Orbit

Ocean Of Time

Ritualized Space

The Possibility Of Change

Mantra Dub



The album takes you on a dubby journey through Saafi Brothers' universe of sound, spiralling out from their deep roots in the Psychedelic Dub genre.






2021 Gabriel Le Mar: Into Sonic States - digital album (Liquid Sound Design Records/UK) - Psychill/Downtempo


Spliff Tempo

Caravan Of Dub

Café Oriental

The Sound Behind The Mask

State Of Flux

Unfinished Empathy

Salvador Darlin'

Quotes On The Wire

Pirate Satellites

Remenbering Of Oneness


From deep and hypnotic down/midtempo dub driven tracks to uplifting and smoothly flowing progressive chill out grooves with depth, while merging elements of hand played instruments such as guitar together with organic electronics.






2021 Gabriel Le Mar: Berlin Guitar - CD/digital album (Carpe Spnum/US) - Discotronic/Indietronic






Silly Love Song

European Son

No Closing Time

Cosmic Ride

Below The Surface

Trippin' with Ralf + Florian

Cause We're Lovers

Silly Love Song (Beatless)



Jammin with my Berlin Guitar. I flew towards my ideas, influenced by Post Punk, New Wave, Art- and Kraut Rock, Psychedelia, Post Disco and Techno.





2021 DM-Theory & PsyTechProject: Get Involved - digital EP (Phantasm Techno) - Psychedelic Techno


Get Involved - Acid edit

Party Trooper

Get Involved - Club edit


A stomping acid tech workout, a pumping bass with Detroit stabs and a more stripped down club edt.





2021 PsyTechProject: Elementalism, PT. 1 - digital EP (Flow Records/PO) - Psychedelic Techno

Track listing:






2020 Cimi vs. PsyTechProject: Titanic - digital EP (Phantasm Records/UK) - Psychedelic Techno.

A Collaboration of Marcello Baccheschi (CIMI) and Gabriel Le Mar (PsyTechProject)






2020 M-Theory & Gabriel Le Mar: Temple of Repetition on CD Temple of Repetition (Blacklite Records/IT) - PsyTech





2020 Gabriel Le Mar: Walking Into A Dream from Digital CD Sweet Awakening (Sweet Dreams Records) - PsyTech





2020 Gabriel Le Mar: Shared Fictions - CD (Carpe Sonum/US) - Chill Out

Double-CD Shared Fictions + Bonus Tracks Beatless Mixes - including the beatless versions of the tracks

Track listing:

Journey Within

Shared Fictions

Stay In Wonderland

Deep Focus

City Of Thoughts

World Tree

Mythical Past

Collective Dreamworld (Wonderland Mix)



Combines electro grooves with a heavy low dub sub and funky Acid riffs.





2020 Gabriel Le Mar: Shared Fictions (Beatless Version) - digital (Carpe Sonum/US) - Ambient

Track listing:

Collective Dreamworld (Wonderland Beatless Mix)

Mythical Past (Beatless Mix)

World Tree (Beatless Mix)

Journey Within (Beatless Mix)

Shared Fictions (Beatless Mix)

City Of Thoughts (Beatless Mix)

Deep Focus (Beatless Mix)

Stay in Wonderland (Trippy Beatless Mix)



Shared Fictions electronic chill out tracks and their beatless mixes.





2019 PsyTechProject: PTP - EP (Horns and Hoofs Entertainment) - Psychedelic Techno

Track listing:






Acidelicious grooves at the shores of Psychedelic Techno.





2019 Saafi Brothers: Mystic Cigarettes (Special Mixes of Classic Flavours) - 20 track digital bundle (Liquid Sound Design Records UK (L.S.D) - Electronica

track listing:

On Air (Youth Remix)

Sweet Sirenes (Braincell Remix)

Internal Code Error 930 (The Delta Remix)

Sweet Sirenes (Jam El Mar Remix)

2046 (The Irresistible Force Remix)

Supervision (Koan Remix)

Together in Silence (Kalumet Remix)

Sweet Sirenes (DM-Theory Remix)

2046 (Eternal Basement Remix)

Internal Code Error 930 (PsyTechProject Remix)

Together In Silence (Backstage Gurus Remix)

2046 (Bluetech Remix)

Supervision (Ajja Remix)

On Air (Cosmic Orient Remix)

Internal Code Error 930 (JOEY Remix)

Sweet Sirenes (Gabriel Le Mar Remix)

2046 (Living Light Remix)

Together In Silence (Latin Soldier Remix)

On Air (Lightning & Thunder Remix)

Internal Code Error 930 (Jammin' Unit Remix)



The timeless beats of the original tracks of Mystic Cigarettes are projected into the future, guaranteed to get you grooving to their eternally danceable speed and lush.


Remixes by Youth, Bluetech, Ajja, Braincell, The Irresistible Force, Backstage Gurus, Living Light, Cosmic Orient, DM-Theory, Eternal Basement, Gabriel Le Mar, Jam El Mar, Jammin' Unit, JOEY, Kalumet, Koan, Latin Soldier, Lightning & Thunder, PsyTechProject and The Delta.





2019 Saafi Brothers: Mystic Cigarettes (Special Mixes of Classic Flavours) - CD (Liquid Sound Design Records UK (L.S.D) - Electronica

Track listing:

On Air (Youth Remix)

Sweet Sirenes (Braincell Remix)

Internal Code Error 930 (The Delta Remix)

Sweet Sirenes (Jam El Mar Remix)

2046 (The Irresistible Force Remix)

Sweet Sirenes (DM-Theory Remix)

2046 (Eternal Basement Remix)

Sweet Sirenes (Gabriel Le Mar Remix)

2046 (Bluetech Remix)

Supervision (Ajja Remix)



The timeless beats of the original tracks of Mystic Cigarettes are projected into the future, guaranteed to get you grooving to their eternally danceable speed and lush.


Remixes by Youth, Bluetech, Ajja, Braincell, The Irresistible Force, Backstage Gurus, Living Light, Cosmic Orient, DM-Theory, Eternal Basement, Gabriel Le Mar, Jam El Mar, Jammin' Unit, JOEY, Kalumet, Koan, Latin Soldier, Lightning & Thunder, PsyTechProject and The Delta.






2019 RCO: Radical Chill Out, Co-op Gabriel Le Mar with Dr. Motte - CD (Carpe Sonum/US) - Chill Out

Track listing:

Wenn der Schnee fällt

The Rise (feat. Hans Cousto)


Two-In-One Two

The Fall (595 nm version) feat. Hans Cousto

Radical Three

Radical Two

Cutnotree (Mix1#01) feat. Terence MCKenna



"Radical Chill Out“ is an open project of the artist collective R.C.O. initiated by Dr. Motte and Gabriel Le Mar. The RCO sound production concept is based on a special selection of public domain sounds, which in an experimental manner are core elements of the tracks that invite us into an electronic listening sound journey in album format.





2018 Saafi Brothers: The Quality of Being One - The Remixes Part 2 - digital album (Liquid Sound Design UK /L.S.D.) - Electronica

Track listing:

Catch Me If You Can (Koan Remix)

Ta Tvam Asi (Kuba Remix)

We Can Make It (Klopfgeister Nightsoul Remix)

Summer Travel (Saafi Brothers Live at Ozora Remix)

Catch Me If You Can (Backstage Gurus Remix)

We Can Make It (Vlastur Remix)

Catch Me If You Can (Gabriel Le Mar Remix)

Hippies In Trance (Erot Remix)

Out On A Ride (Carbon Based Lifeforms Remix)

Cath Me If You Can (Roeth & Grey Remix)

Dub No. 9 (Henning Richter Remix)



The Remix EP “The Quality of Being One Remixes Part 2” featuring contributions from artists like Erot, Kuba, Koan, Backstage Gurus, Vlastur, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Roeth & Grey, Henning Richter, Klopfgeister, and lastly from Saafi Brothers very own Gabriel Le Mar. The original artful electronic tunes of the remixers are layered gently into tranced and bass heavy beats. Released on Liquid Sound Design/UK.




2018 Gabriel Le Mar: Among Trees I Want To Live - album digital (LMP) - Electonica

Track listing:

Imagination Creates
The Living Green
Wisdom of Resistance
Electric Leaves
Days in the Tree
Network of Life
Outside of Time



Among Trees I Want To Live is spanning electro acoustic sound to meditative patterns somewhere in the landscapes you can listen and dance to.




2017 DJ Dag & Gabriel Le Mar: Skatalite / Selectas Choice - double vinyl (Complexx-Music) - Techno

Remixes by Dr. Motte, Pascal Feos, D. Diggler, Alex Dior

Track listing:

Skatalite (Pascal Feos Treatment)
Skatalite (Alex Dior Remix)
Selectas Choice
Selectas Choise (D. Diggler Remix)
Selectas Choice (Dr. Motte Remix)



Hook up with that deep black vinyl. A walk between Detroit & Chicago and deep Funk.





2017 Saafi Brothers: The Quality of Being One - CD album (Liquid Sound Design/UK) - Ambient/Downtempo
Track listing:
The Passage
Catch Me If You Can
Joy Of Mystery
Hippies In Trance
Out On A Ride
Ta Tvam Asi
Dub No. 9
We Can Make It
Summer Travel (Gradual Transition Beatless Mix)


„The Quality of Being One“ goes deep into soul turning ambient-dub.








2017 Gabriel Le Mar: Flashin’ On - CD album (Carpe Sonum/US) - Ambient/TripHop
Track listing:
Iced Wire
Floating Downstream
We R1
Along the Track
Souls to Me
Cherish Illusions
Feel Like We Peak
Wellness City Blues
Your Love Light
Floating Downstream (Beatless)
Iced Wire (Alternate Version)


 "Flashin' On“ breathe to electronic beats and intoxicating future dub grooves, riding on Gabriel's deeply emotive guitars. Catchy calm soundscapes and songstructures are the elements. Intense moments of collaborations can be found on this album, too. The beautifully chilled „Iced Wire“ created with Klangzeuger and the sexy pushing „Feel like we peak“ produced with Pascal Feos.



2017 Saafi Brothers: The Quality of Being On-The Remixes Part 1- digital EP (Liquid Sound Design/UK) - Electronica

Track listing:
Dub No. 9 (Tripswitch Remix)
Out on a Ride (Youth Remix)
Hippies in Trance (Cosmic Trigger Remix)
Catch Me If You Can (Gabriel Le Mar Remix)



Chill orientated Remixes are about capturing blissed out dub beats.



2017 Gabriel Le Mar: Luminous - digital EP (Lucidflow) - Dubtech/Techhouse
Track listing:
Among Trees
In2 the Blue
In My Head
In2 the Blue (Marko Fürstenberg Remix)


An exciting affair with technoid driving tracks.









please have a look



2015 Saafi Brothers: Moving Crossroads - digital EP (LMP) - Techno/Techhouse

Track listing:
Moving Crossroads (Fünf D Remix)
Moving Crossroads (Gabriel Le Mar Remix)
Moving Crossroads (Groovetitan Remix)
Moving Crossroads (Bidiol Remix)
Moving Crossroads



A selection of short stories where the true soundtrack of Saafi Brothers bounce into.





2015 Gabriel Le Mar: DUBISTALLES - album digital (LMP) - Techno/Techhouse

Track listing:
Lass Es Einfach Herein
Dirty Dancin'
Ich Fühl Mich Frei
Komm In Meine Welt
Ich Fühl Dich
Lass Es Einfach Herein (Beatless)
Dubistalles (Beatless)



Gabriel walks on dubby TechHouse paths, in which technoid driving tracks like "Dirty Dancin'" and deep minimal groovers as "Komm in meine Welt" and "Ich fühl mich frei" alternate. Effective tracks, in which danceability and dub-spheres turn into a homogeneous way and playful cleverness. Two of the dancefloor tunes are also mixed in a deeper Ambient Dub Tech vibe and sound treatment is beatless. 





2015 Gabriel Le Mar: DUBISTALLES (VOCAL VERSIONS) - album digital + stem-format (LMP) - Techno/Techhouse

Track listing:
Lass Es Einfach Herein (vocal version)
Dirty Dancin' (vocal version)
Ich Fühl Mich Frei (vocal version)
Dubistalles (Vocal Version) 
Komm In Meine Welt (vocal version)
Ich Fühl Dich (vocal version)
Lass Es Einfach Herein (beatless vocal version)
Dubistalles (beatless vocal Version)


stems: https://www.beatport.com

The Vocal Versions is also availabe in a stem-format. A Stem file is an audio-file that contains a track split into the 4 musical elements: bass, drums, vocals and melody. With each element available independently, you can mix live in a new way.





2015 Saafi Brothers: LIVE ON THE ROADBLOG - CD (Carpe Sonum Novum/US) - Ambient/Dub

Track listing:
On the Roadblog
Running Free
Infinity is Reality
Feeling Lone Pt 01
In the Eye of the Storm
Touched by an Angel
Moments of Clarity
Ghosts in the Tree
How high can you get
Feeling Lone Pt 02




Sleepless-faced on music Saafi Brothers digged deep into a series of "live recording sessions", rediscovering the emotional depth of "real-time created music" after a couple of live shows that fueled the idea of creating an entirely live recorded album. "Live on the Roadblog is about doing our first journeys, being on the road and moving crosscroads. Walking the highway towards the big unknown with all good or dark it could bring.




Listen to and download a broad selection of Gabriel´s latest tracks and albums at itunes, beatport, amazon, clone or junodownload


find Gabriel le Mar on














2015 Gabriel Le Mar: STRIPPED - CD (Carpe Sonum/US) - Chill Out/Beatless

Track listing:
Deep State (Beatless)
Lectron 111 (Beatless)
Paddy Fields (Beatless)
Dreamtechnologies (Beatless)
The Beat (Beatless Mix)
Far out of Reach (Beatless)
Palindrome (Beatless)
iGeorge (Beatless)
Deepulse (Beatless)
Auf dem Wind davon (Beatless)
Firecracker (Beatless)



Musically things are shifted more moody and ambient with a dub feel and the sound treatment is beatless.










2014 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: FEVER EP REMIXED - Remixes by Ken Ishii, Eric Sneo, Pascal FEOS, DJ Sur - vinyl PRZ022 (Praxxiz Records) - Techno

Track listing:
A1 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar - Zikade Ken Ishii RMX
A2 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar - Zikade Eric Sneo RMX
B1 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar - Fever Pascal Feos RMX
B2 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar - Fever DJ Sur RMX


vinyl: http://www.deejay.de/praxxiz

The Fever EP - Remixed is released with remixes by Ken Ishii, Pascal Feos, Eric Sneo as well as DJSur and reflect Fever from other strong techno angles.





2014 Gabriel Le Mar: ICH JAGE DIE KATZE EP - digital (LMP) - Techhouse

Track listing:
Ich jage die Katze
Ich jage die Katze (V2)
Ich jage die Katze (Instrumental)
Ich jage die Katze (Instrumental V2)



I chase the cat.













2014 Dublocation: MAKING WAVES - digital album (LMP) - Dubtech

Track listing:
Essence in the Presence
Right Stuff (Instrumental)
Making Waves
Pass it on Now
Thanx and Praise
Roots Structures



With a mixture of Reggae influenced Dub, House and deep Dubtech sounds, Dublocation creates a unique connection with a positive feel. It´s about making good tunes together, having fun and moving people. The basic idea was to have strong vocal tracks that can tell a story with a deep understanding, developing into something more meaningful. Feeling poetry as an essence. The lyrics based on poems by George DIN, performed by Makie J.





2014 Saafi Brothers: LIVE ON THE ROADBLOG - digital album (Iboga Records/DK) - Chill Out/Dub

Track listing:
On the Roadblog
Running Free
Infinity is Reality
Feeling Lone Pt 01
In the Eye of the Storm
Touched by an Angel
Moments of Clarity
Ghosts in the Tree
How high can you get
Feeling Lone Pt 02



Luca Anzilotti joins Gabriel Le Mar, Michael Kohlbecker and Groovetitan for the album. The crossing line in this axis is the storytelling aspect that is reflected in the directional lyrics, based on poems by George DIN. It´s about to be off and to experience what there is to experience, being on the road and get a sense of freedom. Performed by Plug and Markie J.










2013 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: FEVER EP - pink vinyl 12" PRZ 018  (Praxxiz Records) - Techno

Track listing:



Fever brings together elements of both ends of the Techno/Electronica spectrum. Two musical characters and good friends exchange their ideas and conservations about mixing electronic music.





2013 Gabriel Le Mar: STRIPPED - digital album (LMP) - Ambient/Beatless

Track listing:
Deep State (Beatless)
Lectron 111 (Beatless)
Paddy Fields (Beatless)
Dreamtechnologies (Beatless)
The Beat (Beatless Mix)
Far out of Reach (Beatless)
Palindrome (Beatless)
iGeorge (Beatless)
Deepulse (Beatless)
Auf dem Wind davon (Beatless)
Firecracker (Beatless)



Stripped is a soulful and experimental Le Mar work into ambient, space and beatless soundscapes.




2013 Gabriel Le Mar: BENEVOLENT CHAOS - digital album (LMP) - Techhouse/Dubtech

Track listing:
It's Your Time
Deep State
On the Beat
Telescoping Machine
The Beat Beatless (Mix)
Deepulse Beatless



Chaos has unlimited power. An ideal deep state. Benevolent Chaos is ranging from DeepTechhouse to soulful Techno with Dub influences.












2012 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: THE BREEZE - vinyl 12" PRZ007 (PRAXXIZ Records) - Techhouse

Track listing:
The Breeze


Open the window and let the Breeze in.





2012 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: POTGH - The Remixes II - vinyl 12" PRZ013 (PRAXXIZ Records) incl. winner of the remix contest - remixes by Spot Gräfenberg, Pintaa, Alex Dior, Superstrobe - Techno

Track listing:
POTGH (Spot Graefenberg Remix)
POTGH (Alex Dior Remix)
POTGH (PintaA Remix)
POTGH (Superstrobe Bonus Remix)



Puttin` On The Green Hat.














2012 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: POTGH - The Remixes I incl. remixes by Ingo Boss and Thomas Lizzara - vinyl 12" PRZ011 (PRAXXIZ) - Techno

Track listing:
POTGH (Ingo Boss Remix)
POTGH (Thomas Lizzara Remix)





2012 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: PUTTIN ON THE GREEN HAT incl. remix by Nihil Young - vinyl 12" PRZ008 (PRAXXIZ) - Techno

Track listing:
Puttin On The Green Hat
Version Deux Bonus 3
Puttin On The Green Hat (Nihil Young Remix)
Version Deux Bonus 4




2012 Gabriel Le Mar: DEEP RED GUITAR incl. remixes by Brendon Moeller, Julius Lagerfeld, Smalltown Collective and Steve Cole (only digital remix) - vinyl 12" SHB011 (Schallbox Records) - Techhouse/Dubtech

Track listing:
Deep Red Guitar (Original Mix)
Deep Red Guitar (Julius Lagerfeld Remix)
Deep Red Guitar (Brendon Moeller Remix)
Deep Red Guitar (Smalltown Collective Remix)



The sound: from Electro-Ambient to Dub-inspiered Minimal-Tech-House....














2012 Gabriel Le Mar: WHAT'S YOUR SLEEPER? (EP) incl. remix by Quantec - vinyl 12" (dub2dust Records) - Dubtech

Track listing:
What's Your Sleeper?
Dub Access
Water In Space
What's Your Sleeper? - Quantec's Afterhour at the Sunrise Rmx
Science Faction (Beatless)



Electronic dance music with a special focus on the various colours of deep DubTechno and "Dub inspired TechHouse". The dub-feeling is clearly the inspiration behind the general flavor of the sound and will demonstrate innovative efforts to offer interesting hybrids of techno/house music.




2011 Gabriel Le Mar: LEVEL - digital album (LMP) - Dubtech

Track listing:
Luxury - feat. Ingo Ito
Die Andere Seite
Traralgon Epilogue
Science Faction
Auf dem Wind davon - feat. George Din
Ich flog auf dem Wind davon - feat. George Din




On Level, Gabriel Le Mar exposed himself on different levels and put the focus on the groovy DubTechno beat and refer more to "atmospheric Detroit Techno". This special mix of club music and "experimental deepness", syncopic chords and dub sequences characterizes this production.




2010 Gabriel Le Mar: JUMP CUTS feat. Busi Mhlongo, Lungiswa Plaatjies, Madala Kunene and Mantombe Matotiyani - digital album (LMP) - Dubtech/Techhouse

Track listing:
Above So Below (feat. Busi Mhlongo)
Colors (feat. Busi Mhlongo)
Drift (feat. Mantombe Matotiyani)
Lab Africa (feat. L.A.P.)
Why don't you
Critical Caution (feat. Busi Mhlongo)
Goat Song (feat. Lungiswa Plaatjies)
Konkomania (feat. Madala Kunene)
Lab Africa dub (feat. L.A.P.)



On JUMP CUTS Gabriel co-opted again with singers and songwriters from South-Africa like "Busi Mhlongo", "Lungiswa Plaatjies", "Madala Kunene" and "Mantombe Matotiyani" from Amampondo, one of Nelson Mandela`s favourite bands. Fusing techhouse and dub influences with the local style of south african music like Kwaito, Maskanda and traditional Zulu music into modern club sound.
The result is a fusion of ideas that became evident through the characteristic expression of the artists, whose vocal performances oscillate between traditional to contemporary, and that are merged in the techhouse mix with a soul and dub feel.




2010 Banned-X: BLESSED LOVE feat. Yah Meek, Ras Abraham, Bobo Niyah, Markie J. - digital album (LMP) - Electronic Dub

Track listing:
The Messenger - feat. Ras Abraham & Bobo Niyah
Colours And Riddim - feat. Markie J. & Bobo Niyah
Closer 2 U - feat. Yah Meek
Go Before Us - feat. Ras Abraham & Bobo Niyah
Gimme Some Love Now - feat. Yah Meek & Bobo Niyah
Let Jah Arise - feat. Ras Abraham & Bobo Niyah
Dub Arise - feat. Ras Abraham & Bobo Niyah
Try What You Want - feat. Markie J.
A Little More Love - feat. Yah Meek
Live2gether - Dubmix
Lean On My Shoulder - feat. Yah Meek



Global Mix. Banned-X act as a freely organized convention of masters. On Blessed Love (Remastered) the project combines the pure, physical energy of digital club and dancehall sounds and the power of vocals. Heavy dub mixing, deep basslines and riddims meet classical song structures. Banned-X is all about combining these styles.
















2009 Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar - CD (Fax Records) - Electronica

track listing:
P.M.T. (pmt_edit_raw#01)
LaLuna (laluna_raw) 
Cutnotree (0004 19-cutmotree-rec) 
Space Smells (0002 17-NUMBER-FOUR-1) 
LaLuna beatless (lalunabtls_raw) 
P.M.T. beatless (pmt_edit_btls#01) 
Cutnotree (cutnotree-mix1#01)



Dr.Motte introduced Gabriel to another special method of producing music, using a tonal scale that is based on the frequencies of the rotating planets from our solar system, because the rotation of the planets differ from each other along with gravitational principles. For each track, they tuned their musical equipment to the corresponding planetary frequency of one of the planets in our solar system.
The earth's tuning, for example, is the 435.92 Hz 'G' tone.




2009 Namlook/Le Mar - CD surround-album with Pete Namlook (Fax Records) - Ambient

track listing:
In Time    



two producers and one ambient surround-album




2009 Gabriel Le Mar: DUBWIZE - digital album (LMP) - Dubtech

track listing:
Nova Bluez
Seasonal Sub (feat MC Markie J)
Love Dub (feat Jah Sesco & Yah Meek)
Time For Everything (feat Yah Meek)
Motorace (Beatless Mix)
Dubster (Beatless Mix) [Beatport only bonus]



Dubwize first arises on the netlabel thinner and presents an exceptional synergy between "experimental electronic club music" and the shades of dub.




2009 Subsonic Park: ECHOES FROM INSIDE - CD/Vinyl (Elux records) - Dubtech

track listing:
Zoologic 2.0
Find U Tonight (Dub Mix)
Code Two (Brendon Moeller Remix)
Nova Bluez (Subsonic Park Remix)
Magnetic Sun
Full Circle
Find U Tonight (Aku Aku Remix)
Zoologic (Quantum StarDub Remix)



The origins of Subsonic Park date back about 10 years ago. In the context of Sven Väths regular gigs at the UK cult club Orbit, Leeds, they were DJing on the second floor. "At our gigs, my partner used to be at the turntables and I played with my synthies and samplers in real-time. This way, our shows were always a mixture of DJ performance and live act."













2009 Gabriel Le Mar: WIZE DUBS incl. remixes by Echonomist, Marko Fürstenberg, Max Cavalerra, Motionfield, Veer, Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, Octex, Subsonic Park, Daniel Blonqvist, P. Laoss - digital album (LMP) - Dubtech

Track listing:
Dubster (Octex Remix)
Motorace (Daniel Blomqvist Dub Remix)
Nova Bluez (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Remix)
Seasonal Dub (feat MC Markie J) (P. Laoss Remix)
Funkstern (Max Cavalerra Remix)
Love Dub (feat Jah Sesco & Yah Meek) (Echonomist Remix)
Nova Bluez (Subsonic Park Remix)
Seasonal Dub (Veer Remix)
Time For Everything (Marko Fürstenberg Remix)
Dubster (Motionfield Beatless Remix)



The remix album Wize Dubs reflects on the story of Dubwize from different angles.The collection spans a wide range of moody remixes for the "dub inspired clubber", combining different playful approaches of Dub with the functionality and stringency of techhouse music.




2009 Justin Sequence and George DIN: ICH HAB EIN SCHWARZES SCHAF IM HAUS - digital EP (LMP) - Techno/Vocal

Track listing:
Ich hab ein schwarzes Schaf im Haus 
Ich hab ein schwarzes Schaf im Haus (instrumental)



I have a black sheep in the house.




2009 Justin Sequence: TIMESHIFT (EP) + PARALLEL (EP) + CONFESSIONS - digital EP (LMP) - Techno

Track listing Timeshift EP 
Tape Machine
The Styx
Sacral Buzz
Pawloffs Dog

Track listing Parallel EP 
Track listing Confessions EP
Dark Night
No time 2 Reverse



With Justin Sequence, Gabriel is now focussing his musical spirits in a pure personal and functional statement for the floor. Justin works on to transform Gabriel´s experiences into sounds for the floor, vary from deep and floating techno tracks with dub chords to pumping 4/4 beats.











2008 Justin Sequence: SERIAL - digital EP (circle digital) - Techno

track listing:
Spiral Lift



sounds like: from minimal to maximal electronic club music with a straight 4-2-4 kick where from deep states to techmania things are possible...




2008 Subsonic Park: SECOND SKIN with Alex Azary - vinyl 12" (Elektrolux) - Dubtech/Techhouse

track listing:
Second Skin
After Dark [unmixed]

"Second Skin", the vinyl release from the album "Inner City Codes"




2008 Subsonic Park: INNER CITY CODES - CD (Elektrolux) - Dubtech/Techhouse

track listing:
Bionic Garden
Red Shift
After Dark
Inner City Codes (Beatless)
Second Skin (Beatless)
Rain Machine
First Cause
Refloat (Beatless)
Signs Of Life



Starting with "deep ambient dubhouse", syncopic chords and gently demanding percussive beats. A sensual form of dub allowing memories of the "Basic Channel series"....













2007 Saafi Brothers: SUPERNATURAL - CD (Ayia Napa/Zyx) - Chill Out / Dub 

track listing:
Supernatrural PT. II
Ready for the Rise (Prepara)
Under the Sun
Frankfurt Beach
Take it Slow
Two Windows
High Moon
Something Outside
Under the Stars



Saafi Brothers hit a perfect balance of electrodub with their 4th album "Supernatural". They put together a unique blend of riddims and synthesis with an emphasis on live sound manipulations, deep basslines and "dub-wise grooves".




2007 Aural Float: MOVING IMAGES with Pascal FEOS and Alex Azary - DVD (Elektrolux) - Ambient

track listing:
Interlude I
Gone Forever
Dreamer's Dream
Interlude II
I Adore You
Him & Her 
Still Here
Interlude III
Beautiful Someday
Bonus Videos
South Of The Clouds
New Frontiers
Life In Dub
Männerwirtschaft (Jens Buchert Remix)
Dreamer's Dream (Lightmotiv Projection)  
Switchin' The Wave Of Thoughts
Be As You Are (Live At Cocoon NYE 2005)



The DVD includes selected "Aural Float" tracks as well as comprehensive bonus material. The tracks are interpreted anew in an exciting way by well-known video artists, based on high quality film material from "Corbis Motion" and music from their last album "Beautiful Someday".




2006 Gabriel Le Mar: REEL TIME - CD + DVD (Elektrolux) - Electro/Electronica

track listing CD:
Ta2ed (Liquid Dubmix)
Reels of Steel
The Gathering
Jazzy Mid-On
Zero db
Without a Warning
Seaside (X-tended Album Mix)



 "Reel Time" is a synthesis of electro-funk with dub and other electronic leftfield music.


track listing DVD:  
Without a Warning  
Ta2ed (Liquid Dubmix) 
Zero db  
The Gathering  
Reels of Steel  
Jazzy Mid-On   
Seaside (X-tended Album Mix)  
Bonus section:
Video: Under my Skin  
Sound: Exclusive free Gabriel Le Mar Samplebank
Virtual Studio: Gab's Music Machine



Gabriels DVD Reel Time surprises by sophisticated graphic and cinematic interpretations of his music. Gabriel performs the clips and tunes from his album "Reel Time" live and very electronic...according to the vibes and the special atmosphere of the moment...




2006 Cosmic Orient pres. New Eastern electronics - album co produced by Gabriel Le Mar - CD (Black Flame) - Ambient/World


Fat dub lines and irresistible dancefloor rhythms meet the magical powers of far Eastern voices, drums and instruments.




2005 Aural Float: BEAUTIFUL SOMEDAY with Pascal FEOS and Alex Azary - CD (Elektrolux) - Chill Out/Vocal

track listing:
How Deep
Dreamer's Dream
Him & Her
Interlude I
Beautiful Someday
Gone Forever
Still Here
Interlude II
I Adore You
Be As You Are
Interlude III
Life In Dub



You were everywhere I go, everywhere I know. Flowers everywhere you go. Someday I will know you more.




2005 Gabriel Le Mar: DAILYECHO with George DIN - digital album (LMP) - New Rock/Vocal

track listing:
You Decide
From a Galaxy far
Down in the River
Rocker's Smile
Your Head
Turn Around
Nothern Lights
Into the Dark
Happy the Lawyers (Radio Edit)
Suicide in the Park (Tron)
This Angel (Radiomix)
Happy the Lawyers (x-tended Mix)



The music of dailyecho includes elements of "new rock" and "electronic dancefloor". The emphasis on this album is on powerful vocal tracks.














2005 Gabriel Le Mar: IN DUB - digital album (LMP) - Dub/Dancehall

track llsting:
Seid Ihr Alle DA
Colors And Dub
Messenger Dub
Masken Dub
Dub what you want
Let my Dubs be heard
Rockin' in the Park
Dub before us
Weed Dub
Night Dub
Give me some Dub now
A little more Dub
Keep your Dubs up high
Let Dub arise
Alle Dubbed?



The mixture of dancehall tunes (messenger dub) and digital roots anthems (LetDub arise) is completed by experimental dub soundz (Colors and Dub) and 2 Step (Dub what you want). All tracks are mixed inna dub-style, using the mixing board and it`s effects as musical instruments, other major production tools are overdub- and cut up-techniques.
File under dub and enjoy!





2005 Gabriel Le Mar: UNIFICATION - digital album (LMP) - Techno

track llsting:
On the Road
Service and Healing
Desert Road
Mediterranean Cruise
In Peace
Big and Bad



Unification exploited its unifying charm. Gabriel integrate inspiring moments from his travels into his music, combined with a passion for dub, trip hop and rhythmic roots and crosses the definitions between dance and listening music.





2004 Gabriel Le Mar: BIG AND BAD - vinyl 12" (Feedback Rec./JP) - Techno

track llsting:
Big and Bad
In Peace

Big and Bad is taken for the cinema movie "We are the night", a German vampire horror film by Dennis Gansel




2004 Gabriel Le Mar: NIGHTRADIO - digital album (LMP) - Ambient

track llsting:
Water And Electricity
Mello Bits
Welcome To Dreamland
Flight 108
No. 1 Mantra
111 FM
Ambient Jam
Filtered Reality
Nightbus 116 (Marble King Mix)
Walking On A Jetwing



Innovative programming trickeries meet acoustic guitars. Nightradio is a synthesis of beautiful listening of "slow and groovy tracks".





2003 Studio India: SAMPLING CD on Best Service


Studio India is a high-class Sampling-CD and CD-R double-pack, recorded with high-quality microphones in India.




2003 Gabriel Le Mar: SHORT STORIES  - CD (SpiritZone Records) (digital) - Electronica

track listing:
Ffm (Beach Dub)



On SHORT STORIES the selected tracks form a progressive journey through electro breaks, dance beats and "magnetising instrumental atmospheres". A ten stories soundtrack of self-discovery.




2003 Saafi Brothers: LIQUID BEACH with Michael Kohlbecker - CD  (Saafi Rec./EFA) (digital) - Ambient/Electronica 

track listing:
The Green Cloud
Seven Horizons
Feelings Per Room (Feat. Jasmin Pour)
Metapop (After Morning Mix)
Liquid Beach
Lovin Music (Feat. George Din)
Metapop (Feat. Dea Li)




The 3rd album of Saafi Brothers and it’s an incredibly fresh-sounding techno-trance-experimental hybrid, drawing in influences from world music, electro, ambient and all with a heavy dose of live instruments.




2002 Gabriel Le Mar: HEAR AND NOW - CD (SpiritZone Records) (digital) - Electronica

Experience The Lightness
Sunrise To Sunset
In Some Other's Life
140 Degreees
Machine Karma
Right From The Heart (Dub-Mix)
Find A Passage To India
Into Deep
Journey To Eurasia
Here And Now



Gabriel is shaping his personal vision of global electronic music and the co-existence of styles.












2001 Dub_Connected: ELECTRONIC MUSIC - CD (LiquidAudioSoundz) (digital) - Electronica

track listing:
The Soul Takes A Flight (feat. Tobynation)
In The Brotherhood
Ruf' Mich Mal An (da ish der Theu)
Give And Get (feat. Markie J.)
Vibescan (feat. 10Cars)
No Vemba!
Tribal Sunset
Auto Mobile (feat. 10Cars)
Something Happened Here Last Night



If the sound surfaces can not be big enough, who is looking for hypnotic beats, who can sneak into electronic music, this is exactly right. Something happened here last night, that moved us very deeply.





2001 Supercruizer: SKYDIVERZ with Toby Izui CD (Superstition) - Techno

track listing:
Phoenix Rising
Rub-A-Dub Spaceride
Superjet (Interlude)
Flight Over Serbia



track listing the remixes:
Phoenix Rising (Paul Brtschitsch Remix)
Para-Shooting (D.Diggler Remix)
Para-Shooting (Kai Randy Michel Remix Version 1)
Phoenix Rising (Mijk van Dijk Remix)
Phoenix Rising (Yamaoka Remix



Together with Tokyo/Japan based producer "Toby Izui", Gabriel started the project Supercruizer. The album, Skydiverz (Superstition Records) combined Techno and electronic sounds with far East vibes.





2001 Supercruizer: SUPERCRUISER with Toby Izui - vinyl 12" (Superstition) - Techno

track listing:
Supercruiser (Asem Shama Remix)
Supercruiser (Andreas Kauffelt Remix)






2001 Gabriel Le Mar: I CAN GIVE YOU NO SHELTER feat. George DIN - vinyl 12" (PlusQuam Rec.) - Techno

track listing:
I Can Give You No Shelter 
A Moment Of Your Live 
I Can Give You No Shelter (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)



I can give you no shelter, Baby




2001 Aural Float: FREEFLOAT with Pascal FEOS and Alex Azary - CD (Elektrolux) - Ambient

track listing:
Switchin' The Wave Of Thought
At The Crossroads
New Frontiers
Zwei G
Session 5
AF Study II
Switchin' The Wave Of Thought (Reprise)



11 tracks full of beauty and enlightenment. All varieties of the intelligent Elektronica are united: Trip Hop, Downbeat, Electro and Chill Out with inserted vocals by Anthony Rother and the German space surfer Reinhard Furrer.




2000 Banned-X: SONGS AN` TRAX with Yah Meek, Markie J. and George DIN - CD (multiColor Rec.) - Dub/Electronica

track listing:
Rainy Days Are Gone (feat. Yah Meek & George DIN)
Over The Level (feat. Jah Meek & Gabriel Le Mar)
Ridin' On A Different Frequency (feat. Marky J.)
Baby I Love You So (feat. George DIN)
When Love Speak (feat. Marky J.)
Colour Of Love (feat. Yah Meek)
Open Your Eyes (feat. George DIN)
That's Dub
And The We Go (feat. Yah Meek)
I Wonder
Jah Will Be There (feat. Yah Meek)
That's Dubbed



Global Mix. Going beyond traditional band-isms, Banned-X act as a freely organized convention of masters. On Songs An' Tracks the project combines the pure, physical energy of digital club and reggae sounds and the power of vocals. Heavy dub mixing, deep basslines and riddims meet classical song structures, creating moods and vibrations far offside from style-clichées.





2000 Banned-X feat. Jah Meek: COLOUR OF LOVE - vinyl 12" (multiColor Rec.) - Electronica/Vocal

track listing:
Colour Of Love (Gabriel Le Mar Remix)
Colour Of Love (Southern 501 Dub)
Colour Of Love (Paul Brtschitsch Remix)
Colour Of Love (Album Version)



Colour Of Love is a wonderful, deep love song, which has been transferred into a more clubby tempo by Gabriel Le Mar himself. Paul Brtschitsch delivers a deep & sexy mix in his typical Tech-House style and the Southern 501 Dub is new stuff for the House floors.










2000 Gabriel Le Mar: GAB´S GIFT - CD (SpiritZone Records) (digital) - Electronica

track listing:
Unlimited Love
Freedom Come
April, My Dear
No Shelter
All That We See
Manipulation And Technique
Inna fire



Gabriel released his second solo album "Gab´s Gift" on SpiritZone. For Gab`s Gift, Gabriel cleaned up his laboratory and took a closer look at some of the remnants of the test tubes to experiment with Goa roots and cool ambient dub on album length, to make clear electric tracks on trance techno.




2000 Saafi Brothers: MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN - CD (BlueRoomRel./UK) (digital) - Ambient

track listing:
Altered Future
Into States Of Consciousness
Free Senses
Wellness Farm
Mystical Chants
The Deep (Part 1)
The Witness
The Deep (Part 2)




Midnight's Children quotes the title of Salman Rushdie's novel. Pure psychedelic dub on Saafi Brothers second psychedelic/downtempo album on BlueRoom Released/UK. This earth... This existence... These people...






2000 Dub_Connected: VOL. I - CD (LiquidAudioSoundz) (digital) - Electronica

track listing:
Ronda Ray meets The Gab!: Martha
10Cars meets The Gab!: Dublicity
10Cars meets The Gab!: High Moon
The Rootsman meets The Gab!: Friday The 13th
Carson Plug meets The Gab!: Plug-A-Dub
13 Monde meets The Gab!: Drop Worlds
13 Monde meets The Gab!: Mental Chant
The Rootsman meets The Gab!: Dub Oriental
Jack Black meets The Gab!: At The End Of The Century
Ronda Ray meets The Gab!: Martha (Dubbed)



Mind the Gab!












1999 Gabriel Le Mar: GAB´S LAB - CD (Spirit Zone) - Electronica

track listing:
Homesick Blue
Too Much Alone
Error Minus 666
Say No!
Little Homesick
Road To Sirius
Full Moon (We Love To Dance)
Heart Beat 
One O'Seven 
Slo Mo



Gabriel's debut album  - ambient & funky dub, acid & trancy, deep & dark




1999 Gabriel Le Mar: WHY? - vinyl 12" (Spirit Zone) - Electronica

track listing:
Why? (Original Album Version)
Little Homesick
Why? (Pascal Feos Why Not? Treatment)




1999 Saafi Brothers: THE DEEP PART 1 / NOT FADE AWAY with Mike Maguire - vinyl 12" (Blue Room Rel.) Techno/PsyTech

track listing:
The Deep Part 1
Not Fade Away





1998 Aural Float: 2 G - vinyl 12" (Elektrolux) - Electronica/Ambient

track listing:
Zwei G
Dub Up The Virus




1998 Montauk P.: DEF = LIM - CD (BlueRoom Released, UK) - Psychedelic Techno

track listing:
About Montauk
AV Unit
Turn The Page
If I 



Definition is Limitation




1998 Montauk P.: If I - vinyl 12" (Blue Room Released, UK) - Psychedelic Techno

track listing:
If I (Goodgroove Remix)
If I (Montauk P Warrior-Mix)
If I (Original Version)




1998 Dub Mix Convention: DUB MIX CONVENTION - CD (Elektrolux) - Dub

track listing:
Rough Life (feat. Mighty Tolga)
World Cup
Can't Stop
Western One Drop
Sound Man
That An' This
Each One Teach One (feat. Jah Meek)
It's Time Enuff
But Do You Realize
Jah Love Sees No Colour (feat. Ebo)



Space Dub, that an' this




1998 Dub Mix Convention: WORLD CUP - vinyl 12" (Elektrolux) - Dub

track listing:
World Cup
World Cup (Jammin' Unit Remix)




1998 Dub Mix Convention: RUFF LIFE - vinyl 12" (Elektrolux) - Dub

track listing:
Rough Life 
Rough Life Version










1997 Camou: LOVE AND EGO with Michael Kohlbecker - vinyl 12" (PV Rec.) - Techno

track listing:
Love & Ego




1997 Saafi Brothers: INTERNAL.CODE.ERROR. 930 (Remixes)  - vinyl 12" (Blue Room Released/UK) - Techno/PsyTech

track listing:
Internal Code Error 930 
Internal Code Error (X-Dream Remix)
Internal Code Error (Bandulu Remix)
Internal Code Error (Jammin' Unit Remix)



"Internal.Code.Error.930" featured remixes by british techno/dub project Bandulu, X-Dream and Jammin´Unit.




1997 Saafi Brothers: MYSTIC CIGARETTES - CD (Blue Room Released/UK) - Ambient/Electronica

track listing:
Sweet Sirens
On Air
Together In Silence
Internal Code Error (Album Mix)
Internal Code Error (930 Philantropic Mix)




Our first Saafi Brothers album. We felt that was an album for eternity. Played at Goa's chill rooms, released on Blue Room Released, mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at The Town House




1997 Serious Dropout Step Three: WAKE THE TOWN AND DUB THE PEOPLE - CD (Sony) - Dub/Reggae





1996 Serious Dropout Round Two: AT THE CONTROL TOWER - CD (Sony) - Dub/Reggae


The unique connection of dub reggae, electronics, ambient and techno sounds featured musicians and producers from Jamaica, the UK, and Germany. King of Dub



1995 Serious Dropout Chapter One: FUTURISTIC DUB FOUNDATION - CD (Sony) - Dub/Reggae


Serious Dropout is a team of outernational producers, DJs and musicians, who have been working at the crossroads of Dub, Reggae, House, Techno and Jungle. Here is their first New School of Dub compliation




1995 Aural Float: INTROSPECTIVES with Alex Azary/Pascal Feos - CD (Elektrolux) - Ambient

track listing:
South Of The Clouds (Part 1)
South Of The Clouds (Part 2)
Internal Movement (In Imaginary Rooms)
Pick Up The Virus



Soulsearching and spheric ambient-sounds - our first Aural Float album




1995 Futuristic Dub Foundation with Tricky Cris and Jammin Unit - vinyl 12" (Elektrolux) - Dub

track listing:
Crucified (The Two Books) (Part 1)
Crucified (The Two Books) (Part 2)




1994 Rain on Bamboo: SLEEP & POETRY - CD (with Ingo Ito, Susa Lie, Hans Schumann, Lorenz Allacher) (Strange Ways Records) - Singer/Songwriter

track listing:
The Man Who Would Be King
Breathless On The Run
No Burning Soul
Boat On The Backwater
Reading, Writing And Tying Poem-Slips To Bamboo
Painted By Eisen
Drifting Monsters
Red Sails Into Dusk



Ambient artpop breathless on the Run






















Sampling CD`s

Vengeance Freakz On Beatz Vol.1 and Vol. 2

Join the darkside: "Freakz On Beatz Vol. 1" and "Freakz On Beatz Vol. 2"- it's all in the name! This new sample collection from the house of Vengeance is aimed solely at the club music genres of Dub/Minimal House & Techno/Tech.House. Well known Techno producers of the first generation have come together for this gigantic Sample Pack: Pascal Feos, Gabriel Le Mar, Frank Leicher & D.Diggler aka Andreas Mügge have opened their well guarded sound archives and show in over 1500 samples the way to go in any club. "Freakz On Beatz" is the ultimate library for every producer of deep club music - whether you are a beginner or an expert! All sounds are clearly organized into categories and tempo (126BPM) and are separated into Loops and Oneshots (approx 800 Oneshot samples and 700 Loops).


Studio India  Sampling-CD/Bestservice

Fresh Bits for Indian Vibes
- Beautiful Vocals, Adlibs and Songphrases
- Indian Instruments such as Tabla, Sitar, Violin, Mrindangam, Senai a.o.
- Fine studio recordings with more than 700 MB of sounds
- Studio psy-FX section included
- 2 CD Audio / WAV / ACID




Welcome to Studio India! This Sampling CD and CD-R features some of the finest indian singers and musicians today (singers like TVG Ghopalakrishnan, who is professor at Madras University and already played with George Harrison and other Superstars)

Studio India is a high-class CD and CD-R double-pack, recorded with high-quality microphones, including great vocals, instruments, like sitar, violin and senai, as well as indian atmos and a large selection of ACIDized percussion loops.

We´ve spiced up this CD and CD-R with a special section of futuristic fx samples. Our FX-Selection has been created with some of thelatest studio effects including Eventide Ultra Harmonizer, TC Fireworks and Virus Indigo.

Produced by Gabriel Le Mar and George DIN (Saafi Brothers)

Studio India Order www.bestservice.de















The deep black vinyls



Saafi Brothers: Mystic Cigarettes (Select Remixes of Classic Flavours)

(vinyl 12“) - Remixes by Youth, Jam El Mar DM-Theory, Ajja (Liquid Sound Design/UK)


Dj Dag & Gabriel Le Mar: Skatalite / Selectas Choice

(vinyl 2x12“) - Remixes by Dr. Motte, D. Diggler, Pascal Feos, Alex Dior (Complexx Music)


Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: Fever EP Remixed

12": PRZ022 - Remixes by Ken Ishii, Eric Sneo, Pascal FEOS DJ Sur (Praxxiz Records)


Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: Fever EP

12": 2013 PRZ 018 (PRAXXIZ Records)



Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: The Breeze
12": 2012 PRZ 007 (PRAXXIZ Records)

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: POTGH - The Remixes II
12": 2012 PRZ013 (PRAXXIZ Records) incl. winner of the remix contest - remixes by Spot Gräfenberg, Pintaa, Alex Dior, Superstrobe

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: POTGH - The Remixes I
12": 2012 PRZ011 (PRAXXIZ Records) incl. remixes by Ingo Boss and Thomas Lizzara

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: puttin´on the green hat
12": 2012 PRZ008 (PRAXXIZ Records)  incl. remix by Nihil Young

Gabriel Le Mar: Deep Red Guitar
12": 2012 SHB011 (Schallbox Records) incl. remixes by Brendon Moeller, Julius Lagerfeld, Smalltown Collective and Steve Cole


Gabriel Le Mar: What's your sleeper?
12": 04/2012 DE (Dub2Dust Rec.; D2D_001) incl. Quantec`s Afterhour At The Sunrise Remix

Gabriel Le Mar: Time For Everything (Marko Fürstenberg Remix)
12": 06/2011 DE (ORNAMENTS; ORN018) on Marko Fürstenberg Selected Remixes

Subsonic Park: Echoes From Inside Remixes
12": 06/2009 DE (Elektrolux / AL!VE; elux 002) incl. Brendon Moeller Remix, Aku Aku Remix

Subsonic Park: Second Skin
12": 03/2008 DE (Elektrolux / AL!VE; e10011110)

Gabriel Le Mar: Big & Bad / In Peace
12": 2004 JP (Feedback Rec.; FBR 10)

Gabriel Le Mar: Short Stories
LP: 08/2003 DE/EU (Spirit Zone; SZ 143)

Saafi Brothers: Liquid Beach
2LP: 06/2003 UK/DE/EU (Secret Life Recordings/EFA; SLR 001-1)

Gabriel Le Mar: Hear And Now
2LP: 03/2002 DE (Spirit Zone / EFA; SZ 113)

Gabriel Le Mar: I Can Give You No Shelter
12": 02/2001 DE (Plusquam Records; PLUSQUAM 014) incl. Thomas P. Heckmann Remix



Dub_Connected: Electronic Music 

2x12": 08/2001 DE (Liquid Audio Soundz; GTN 1063.12) 

Dub_Connected: Dub_Connected 

12": 2001 DE (Liquid Audio Soundz; GTN 1064.30) 


Aural Float: Freefloat

2LP: 03/2001 DE (Elektrolux; E1011100)


Supercruizer: Supercruizer

12": 05/2001 DE (Superstition 2126) incl. Asem Shama Remix, Andreas Kauffelt Remix


Supercruizer: Skydiverz - The Mixes

2x12": 07/2001 (Superstition 2130-6) incl. Paul Brtschitsch Remix, Diggler Remix, Kai Randy Michel Remix, Mijk van Dijk Remix, Yamaoka Remix


Supercruizer: Skydiverz

2LP: 25/05/2001 DE (Superstition 2130)


Gabriel Le Mar: Gab`s Gift

2LP: 2000 DE/EU (Spirit Zone; SZ 062)


Saafi Brothers: Midnight's Children

2LP: 06/2000 UK/DE/EU (Blue Room/EFA; BR 087)


Banned-X: Colour Of Love
12": 08/2000 DE (Multicolor; MCR 109-0-X) incl. Paul Brtschitsch Remix, Gabriel Le Mar Remix

Dub_Connected: Mental Chant
12": 2000 DE (Liquid Audio Soundz; GTN 1021.30) incl. Element feat. SBK Remix

Dub_Connected: Dub_Connected Vol. 1
2LP: 2000 DE (Liquid Audio Soundz; GTN 1017.12) 

Gabriel Le Mar: Why?
12": 01/1999 DE (Spirit Zone / EFA; MS 02897) incl. Pascal Feos Remix


Serious Dropout - Round Two: At the control tower

12": 1997 DE (Sony Dancepool; S3 485354 1)


Serious Dropout presents Most Famous Dropouts - Serious Remixes

12": 1997 DE (Sony Dancepool; S3 664303 6)


Serious Dropout - Step Three: Wake the town and dub the people

12": 1997 DE (Sony Dancepool; S3 488870 1)


Futuristic Dub Foundation - Crucified

10": 1996 DE (Elektrolux; e100)


Serious Dropout - Chapter One: Futuristic Dub Foundation

12": 1995 DE (Sony Dancepool; DAN 481596 1)  





Saafi Brothers: The Deep Part 1 /Not Fade Away
12": 06/1999 UK/DE (Blue Room/EFA; BR 091)

Dub Mix Convention feat Mighty Tolga: Rough Life
12": 1998 DE (Elektrolux; e101001)

Dub Mix Convention: World Cup
12": 1998 DE (Elektrolux; e101001)

Dub Mix Convention: But Do You Realize ?
12": 1995 (Pharma, Berlin)

Aural Float presents Space Night Vol. V
12": 1999 DE (Elektrolux e111011)

Aural Float: New Frontiers
12": 11/1998 DE (Elektrolux; e 100100) incl. Audiowerk Remix, Dr. Scissors Remix

Aural Float presents Space Night Vol. IV: New Frontiers
12": 1998 DE (Elektrolux e101000, special limited DJ edition)

Aural Float: Introspectives
2LP: 1995 DE (Elektrolux, Frankfurt; e10)

Montauk P: If I
12": 1998 UK/EC (Blue Room; BR 072) incl. Goodgroove Remix

Montauk P:  Def=Lim (Definition Is Limitiation)
4LP: 1998 UK/EC (Blue Room Released, West Sussex; BR 073)

Montauk P: Hallucinate
12": 1998 UK/EC (Blue Room Released)

Montauk P: Turn The Page
12": 1998 UK/EC (Blue Room Released)

Camou: Aysenpilz / Love & Ego
12": 1997 DE (PV 011)

Saafi Brothers: Internal Code Error
12": 1997 UK (Blue Room; BR 056) [blue vinyl] incl. Bandulu Remix, Jammin´ Unit Remix

Saafi Brothers: Mystic Cigarettes
3LP: 1997 UK (Blue Room; BR 032)





Gabriel Le Mar



the deep black vinyl


in the sun out of the water from the earth
no need to save the vinyl
going down underground under pressure
no need to save the vinyl
being lifted in the oil in the gas in the diamond
the great old vinyl
built to last and inside the energy

no need to save the vinyl
not of a million of a billion years
the great old vinyl

no need to save the vinyl
it will save itself
no need to save the vinyl
the deep black vinyl
it will save itself

and still it`s there - the deep black vinyl
coming from the roots
the original and not out of time
no need to save the vinyl
and not the copy of a copy in the digital
no need to save the vinyl
lost on the way that`s a part of the system
do you understand

no need to save the vinyl
it will save itself
no need to save the vinyl 
the deep black vinyl
it will save itself

(words by George DIN)