2023 Silent Sphere: Time Out (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) Sofa Beats


2023 Vataff Project: Come And Join (Saafi Brothers Remix), Liquid Sound Design Records/UK


2023 Eternal Basement: Mystic Ride (Saafi Brothers Remix) EBR


2022 Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul: Neurochemistry (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) Iboga Records/DK


2021 Youth & Gaudi: Dropping The Pressure (Saafi Brothers Remix) Liquid Sound Design/UK


2021 DF Tram: Honeycomb (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) Liquid Sound Design/UK


2021 Holeg Spies & Jaia ft. Thierry Gotti: Rain (PsyTechProject Remix) Dragonfly Records/UK


2021 Hautacam: Golden Corner (PsyTechProject Remix) Dragonfly Records/UK


2020 Bus by Gus Till: Sanctuary (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) Dragonfly Records/UK


2020 Terra Nine: Dub Terratory (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) Sofa Beats/DK


2020 Youth & Gaudi: Stars (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) Liquid Sound Design/UK


2019 Bluetech: Crystalline Forms (Saafi Brothers Remix) Liquid Sound Design/UK


2019 Eternal Basement: Eternal Kiss (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) EBR


2019 Krystian Shek: Thumbnails (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) Carpe Sonum/US


2018 Saafi Brothers: Catch Me If You Can (Gabriel Le Mar Re:Dub) Liquid Sound Design Records UK (L.S.D)


2017 X-Dream: Freak (Saafi Brothers Remix) Flying Rhino/UK

2017 Henning Richter: Ayahuasca (Gabriel Le Mar Remix), BluFin


2017 Saafi Brothers: The Quality of Being One - The Remixes Part 1: Catch me if you can (Gabriel Le Mar Remix), Liquid Sound Design/UK (L.S.D)


2016 Carbon Based Lifeforms: MOS 6581 (Saafi Brothers Remix) Leftfield Records


2015 Suns of Arqa: All is not Lost, All is Dub! - The Remixes: Sadrayama (Saafi Brothers Remix) Liquid Sound Design Records

Saafi Brothers: Moving Crossroads (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) LMP

Van Sohl meets Bifath: Eternity is Past (Gabriel le Mar Remix) Synonym Records

Matthias Springer: The Sorespot (Gabriel le Mar Remix) Diametral Records

2014 Alex Dior: Balearic Summer (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) Compless Music - vinyl

2014 Bombero Y Chica: Madilato (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) VIM Records

2013 Clark Davis: Di Fru Uff Dem Drahtesel (Gabriel Le Mar Remix), Vogelfrei


2012 Antientertainers: On my way (Gabriel Le Mar Rework), Neopren Records

2011 Eric Sneo: Sound of Buddhism (Gabriel Le Mar Remix), Mudra Audio

2011 Fábel: Kurumi 2.0 (Gabriel Le Mar meets Pablo Bolivar Redub), Avantroots/SP

2011 Urla Ender: Is Different!? (Gabriel Le Mar Remix), Schallbox Rec./CH

2010 Holger Flinsch: Sultans On Wind (Gabriel Le Mar Remix), Spielstaub

2009 Chris Zippel: particle (Subsonic Park Remix), Elektrolux


2009 Gabriel Le Mar: Wize Dubs - remixes by Motionfield, Octex, Max Cavalerra, Echonomist, Daniel Blonqvist, Subsonic Park, Kraftfuttermischwerk, P. Laoss, Veer and Marko Fürstenberg. "WIZE DUBS" reflects on the story of Dubwize from different angles, as for each tune the original songs are deconstructed and thus mixed differently. Overall the collection spans a range of moody remixes, from abstract excursions over functional floorkeepers and detached sentiences.






2009 Paul van Dyk: Tell me Why (The Riddle) (Aural Float remix), Vandit

2008 ich + ich: nichts bringt mich runter (Aural Float remix), Universal Music

2008 Max Cavalerra: Heile Welt (Justin Sequence remix), Broque

2008 Max Cavalerra: Heile Welt (Subsonic Park beatless remix), Broque

2008 info: timing (subsonic park remix), VIM Rec/GR

2007 The Clerks: I wish I was a Dolphin (Gabriel Le Mar remix), VIM REC./GR

2007 Paul van Dyk: white lies (Aural Float remix), Universal Music

A dreamy electronic mix from Aural Float for Paul' white lies feat. Jessica Sutta. The remix moves along lazily and atmospheric, searching for a timeless quality in music

2007 Cashma Hoody: The Inspiration (Gabriel Le Mar mix)), CKP

Roots, cosmic roots. Cashma Hoody with their musical background strongly rooted in reggae

2007 Nevio: Run Away (Aural Float remix), Universal Music

In summer we like friendly music

2007 Marlene Johnson: Coming Home (Gabriel Le Mar remix), VelocitySounds Rec.

Gabriel's Dub House Mix makes you easy

2006 Juli: dieses Leben (Aural Float mix), Universal Music 

"Dieses Leben" is the sixth single of German pop/rock group Juli, written by the singer Eva Briegel. Music that makes you remember.

Ich liebe dieses Leben
Ich liebe den Moment, in dem man fällt
Ich liebe dieses Leben
Ich liebe diesen Tag
Ich liebe diese Welt



2006 Xavier Naidoo: Zeilen aus Gold (Aural Float treatment remix), Naidoo Records

Aural Float did an electro mix of Zeilen aus Gold from Xavier Naidoo's most successful album "Telegramm für X" Zeilen aus Gold (Aural Float Treatment Remix)

2006 A-HA: cosy prisons (Aural Float remix), Universal Music

80s pop icons a-ha's hit package out there: Time and Again: The Ultimatate a-ha with Aural Float's remix of cosy prisons - re-released in 2016

2005 Vargo: the Flow (Aural Float remix), Sony/BMG

2003 Martin Böttcher: Moonlight Guitar (Gabriel Le Mar mix), Music Mail

2003 JP Juice: Fukai (Gabriel Le Mar Dub Mix), Blueflame

2002 Martha and The Muffins: Echobeach (Gabriel Le Mar remix), EchoBeach

2001 Thomas D: Gebet an den Planet (Gabriel le Mar remix), Four Music

2000 Banned-X feat. Jah Meek: Colour Of Love (Gabriel Le Mar remix),  multiColor records



pix by Florian Geiger


2000 Blake C.: Nightmarket (Gabriel Le Mar remix), Konvex/Konkav Records 

Blake C. are Frank Elting und Stephan Lieb. Their album "Travelling Without Moving" is a rare shot-in-the-arm for blissed-out, dreamscape ambient techno. Nightmarket appears on the album Travelling Without Moving and remixed by Gabriel with dub-effects. Flashing On.

2000 Pascal F.E.O.S.: Overflow (Gabriel Le Mar remix), PV Records

Following the release of Pascal F.E.O.S.' solo debut, From "the Essence of Minimalistic Sound" (1999), the German producer released a series of 12" discs on his Planet Vision minimal label. One 12" featured remixes of "Overflow" by Timo Maas and Gabriel Le Mar 

2000 KoxBox : Crunchy Moles (Saafi-Brothers remix), LiquidAudioSoundz

with a lot of twisted fx's and dubish beats - the remix of "A Major Problem in Australia" as known as "Crunchy Moles" from KoxBox album "The Great Unkown" 

1999 Jam & Spoon: Stella  (Saafi-Brothers remix), SonyMusic

The Single called "Stella 1999-1992 (How Stella Got Her Groove Back)" well remixed by Westbam, Tall Paul and Saafi Brothers

1998 The Rootsman: Dub Oriental Mystic Mantra (Le Mar Mix), 3rd Eye Rec.

New Elektro-Dub remix for The Rootsman`s album on his label 3rd Eye Rec. Rootsman is a real dub artist and the remix a spaced-out oriental sona-player experiences upliftment from a heavenly dub bassline.

1998 Earl 16: Steppin´ Out  (Grounation remix), Downbeat/WEA

mixed for the solo-album of Earl 16 (Dreadzone/Leftfield) Dub-dance-mover with Earl 16`s mello voice - slices of acid meet Rhythm & Dub - serve hot & spicy

1998 Spacefrog: Lost in Space, (Eternal Basement remix), Sony

Psy-tech spaceskatic frog-check mixed together with Michael Kohlbecker

1998 The Delta: Delta Skelter, (remix with M. Kohlbecker), BlueRoom Rel.,UK

1998 SlopShop: Gone  (Le Mar remix), Poets Club rec.

The extraterrestrial soundclouds of Info Ito`s synthezised guitars helped to shape this remix outstanding, off-the-track research character. Mixed for frankfurt-based electronic freestyle label poet club rec.







1998 Global Youth feat. Jah Meek: The Riddim (Grounation rmx), Sony/S3

A track of both power and beauty, including the uniquely elegant vocals of Jamaican singer Jah Meek. A proven hotgun to force dancefloor happiness in any cultural environment. 12" release going together with the Serious Dropout Compilation Step three: Wake the town and dub the people. Features also remixes by The disciples, Rocker`s HiFi, Signal Theory. Grounation mix by Marcus Darius, Reverend and Gabriel Le Mar.

1997 Anne Clark: The Healing  (Aural Float Treatment), Sony/Columbia

Was a great surprise to be invited to treat Anne Clark`s songs. We met during vocal recording sessions in Frankfurt.

1997 Anne Clark: Nida  (Saafi-Brothers remix),  Sony/Columbia

second treatment for Anne Clark`s x-cellent tune Nida

1997 The Mellotonez: Organic  (G2 remix), Sony

Another 12" release on S3 from Serious Dropout presents: most famous dropouts serious remixes - mixed and dubbed by Ginz and Gabriel

1996 Grounation: King Of Dub (Serious Dropout remix), Sony Music

12" release going together with the second Serious Dropout Compilation "Round Two: At The Control Tower". Featuring also remixes by The Rootsman, Drumhead and Serious Dropout-mix

1996 Shantel: "Ecco" (Dub Mix Convention remix), on Infra!Com

Mixed by Marcus Darius, Reverend and Gabriel Le Mar at the Babylon Central Studio in Frankfurt. After mixing one of his nicest tracks from his debut album "Club Guerilla" we joined his release party live at Shantel`s Lissania-Essay club. Deep-dub-n-trippy-lobby...








1995 Sven Väth: The Birth Of Robby (Aural Float remix), Eye-Q./WEA

Mixed by Pascal Feos, Alex Azary and Gabriel Le Mar. "The Birth of Robby" is actually an aural birthday present for sven - an 18 minutes long electronic journey into sound, watching the robot grow up - "The Birth of Robby" has been released along with mixes by Underworld, Acid Junkies, Speedy J, Alter Ego...

1995 B-Zet feat. Darlesia: Caught Within (Saafi-Brothers Treatment), Eye-Q Records

Salinas-style stoned-n-mello e-lectronix. Special 12" promo-release was limited to one thousand copies only and sent to one thousand selected people by Eye-Q Records

1995 Camouflage: Bad News (Aural Float remix, RCA

In 1990 when Gabriel used to join Bamboo Industry/Rain On Bamboo - a Berlin based ambient-pop band - he first came in contact with producer Heiko Maile, then coproducing Bamboo-Industry`s 1st album "Tortured by Pleasure" (BMG/Ariola). After Gabriel moved, their contact still maintained and some day Heiko asked for a remix - the 1995 from Berlin to Frankfurt mix was produced by Aural Float. A mello-trancey ambient house.

1995 Die Fantastischen 4: Sie Ist Weg (Saafi-Brothers remix), Sony /Columbia

When the guys from Fanta 4 listened to the Aural Float mix of Camouflage`s "Bad News" they took the decision to get in touch with that sound of a remix of "Sie ist weg". That single release made a multiple-platinum in all german speaking countries. The Saafi`s form is minimalistic-mello-holographic.

1995 C.K.B. feat. Bob Marley: Sun Is Shining (Weed Selectors remix), BMG

Mixed by Michael Kohlbecker, Reverend, George DIN and Gabriel Le Mar - informal dub collective merging Saafi Brothers & Serious Dropout possie in a deep, dubby, trancey mix. Sun is shining - the weather is sweet... great honour to work with Bob`s vocals - one of my favourite Bob tunes anyway - we treated the original Trojan release version - one love!

1995 Air Liquide: The Increased Difficulty Of Concentration (Aural Float remix), Harvest/EMI

The first collaboration between Michael Kohlbecker, Gabriel Le Mar & Alex Azary - the Saafi Bros.-crew was born here. Air Liquide`s Jammin`Unit is one of my partners on the futuristic dub project "Serious Dropout". This time he asked me for a remix of any Air Liquide track of the past. "The increased Difficulty of Concentration" is one of my favourite Air Liquide trax. The "Aural Float Remix" marked the beginning of a number of fruitful collabs between Michael Kohlbecker and Gabriel Le Mar: Saafi Brothers, Montauk P, Camou - so far...