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for booking Gabriel Le Mar please feel free to contact:


Le Mar Booking
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The sound Gabriel plays, is influenced by Basic Channel style DubTechno to soulful shades of Techno to minimal... His live-set combines classic dub-techno elements, minimalistic TechHouse to DubHouse while keeping it always deep.





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DATES 2017

06. - 08. October Space Mountain Festival Granada, Spain with Gabriel Le Mar

13. October Mystic Friday, Kit Kat Club Berlin with Saafi Brothers and Gabriel Le Mar

01. November Liquid Sound Festival, Toskana Therme, Bad Orb with Saafi Brothers and Gabriel Le Mar
11. November Colours - THW Frankfurt with Gabriel Le Mar

09. December Modu Athens/GR with Saafi Brothers and Gabriel Le Mar


DATES 2018

14. July Dr. Motte's Birthday Party at Suicide Circus, Berlin with Gabriel Le Mar
18. - 22. July  Sonica Dance Festival, Italy with Gabriel Le Mar, Saafi Brothers and Synergy Dub feat. Robin Triskele
30. July - 05. August Ozora Festival, Hungary with Gabriel Le Mar and Saafi Brothers
Opening the mighty Ozora Festival 2018 - X-Dream and Saafi Brothers presents: U(nited)F(or)O(zora) one time special live collaboration exclusively for this particular event!


Appearances solo and with his projects at festivals like
Timewarp/G, Jetztmusikfestival/G, Merkw├╝rdiges Verhalten/G, Pollerwiesen Ambient/G, Ozora Festival/HU, Hadra Festival/F, Move/G, Roskilde Festival/DK, Sziget Festival/HU, Summer Jam/G, Fusion/G, Sonica/IT, Tribal Gathering/UK, Mjaftfest/AL, Reworks/GR, Vision/CH, Artmospheric/BU, m4music/CH, Psi-Fi/FR, New Healing/G and Deichbrand Festival/D.






Booking Saafi Brothers




for booking Saafi Brothers please feel free to contact:

Le Mar Booking


Saafi Brothers LIVE
In accordance to their versatility as musical organizers and producers, Saafi Brothers live- and dj-sets also cover a wide spectrum of electronic music: they will take us on a trip through a variety of 4-2-the-floor-styles of deep soulful Techno, merging their own productions with the selection into one mix.

At alternative and chill-out floors, Saafi Brothers play ambient and dub as well as electronic sounds. So far, they played at festivals like Ozora/HU, Sziget/HU, Tribal Gathering/UK, Mjaft/AL, Roskilde/DK, Arvika Festival/SW, Vision/CH or Summer Jam/G and have been guest in many clubs.

Saafi Brothers perform live with 2 - 3 musicians a deep and dubby set.


Brand new in those deeper days Saafi Brothers new album The Quality of Being One is released on Liquid Sound Design/UK.








Saafi Brothers Live from the Chill Out Dome @ Ozora Festival 













Saafi Brothers mix for "Das Kraftfuttermischwerk" Blog












Booking Dublocation



Gabriel Le Mar`s live set combines classic DubTechno style to minimalistic TechHouse.

Markie J and/or George DIN perform with vocals.


Dublocation plays a deep and soulful TechHouse set with Dub influences, according to the vibes and atmosphere of the moment... Dublocation also spins a lot of their own electronic dubby material - adding live overdubs and a vocal performance.



for booking Dublocation please feel free to contact:

Le Mar Booking
cell   +49178-5779339









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Dublocation Live at Merkw├╝rdiges Verhalten











photo by Sandhan FreeArt