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Booking Gabriel Le Mar



His live-set combines classic dub-techno elements with minimalistic DeepTech to DubTech, keeping it always deep and wide with a psychedelic feel to it.

At mainfloors his focus is on energetic Techno and Acid to progressive TechTrance that can result in a PsyTech meltdown.

Expect deep and soulful performances on the floor as Gabriel connects playforms of Techno into energetic states, powered with live overdubs, focussing on the aspects of dance. Gabriel is fusing DJ-mixing techniques and live performance together into one organic sonic flow.



The sound Gabriel Le Mar plays in chill out contexts is influenced by Basic Channel style DubTechno from soulful shades of Techno to minimalistic trippin' aspects of electronic music.








To listen to Gabriel Le Mar Psytech mix




To listen to Gabriel Le Mar Chillout mix










DATES 2023

14 - 20 febr  Shankra Festival 2022, Sri Lanka   https://shankrafestival.org with Saafi Brothers and Gabriel Le Mar

31 march - 2 april Ometeotl Festical, Mexico https://www.facebook.com/ometeotlfestival/ with Saafi Brothers Gabriel Le Mar

21 april  KitKatClub Berlin  https://www.kitkatclub.org with Saafi Brothers and Gabriel Le Mar

25 - 28 may  Fenix Festival, Czech Republik  http://www.fenixfestival.eu/  with Saafi Brothers and Gabriel Le Mar

17 june Eklektik Nap @ Tilos Maraton 2023, Location: Dürer Kert, Budapest/HU  with Gabriel Le Mar

Tilos Rádió tilos.hu FM90.3 / Budapest, Hungary

31 july - 06 aug Ozora Festival 2022, Hungary   https://ozorafestival.eu with Backstage Gurus and Gabriel Le Mar

30 aug - 03 sept  Free Earth Festival, Greece  https://www.freeearth-festival.com/ with Gabriel Le Mar

10 nov Xineohp @ Zbau, Nürnberg with Saafi Brothers and PsyTechProject (Gabriel Le Mar)  https://www.facebook.com/Xinedelic



DATES 2024


26 jan  The Pulse of Techno @ Photobastei, Zürich/CH Listening Session with Gabriel Le Mar, Youth and Robin Triskele https://www.photobastei.ch/site/activity-details?id=346

27 jan  The Pulse of Techno party @ Photobastei, Zürich/CH with Saafi Brothers and Gabriel Le Mar https://www.photobastei.ch/site/activity-details?id=297

08 - 14 july  SUN Festival/HU with Gabriel Le Mar

14 - 21 july  ZNA Festival/PO with Gabriel Le Mar 

26 july - 06 aug  Ozora Festival/HU with Gabriel Le Mar

27 aug - 01 sept  Free Earth Festival/GR with Gabriel Le Mar











Here are Gabriel Le Mar's Live Stream Concerts. Hope you like!

Gabriel focus is on energetic AcidTechno to progressive TechTrance that results in a PsyTech meltdown, keeping it always deep with a psychedelic feel to it. Enjoy!















Appearances solo and with his projects at festivals like
Timewarp/G, Jetztmusikfestival/G, Pollerwiesen/G, Ozora Festival/HU, Hadra Festival/F, Shankra/CH, Roskilde Festival/DK, Sziget Festival/HU, Summer Jam/G, Fusion/G, Sonica/IT, Tribal Gathering/UK, Antaris/G, Reworks/GR, ZNA/PO, m4music/CH, Psi-Fi/F, New Healing/G or Deichbrand Festival/G.









Booking Saafi Brothers




Saafi Brothers LIVE

In accordance to their versatility as music producers, Saafi Brothers live- and dj-sets also cover a wide spectrum of electronic music: they will take us on a trip through a variety of 4-2-the-floor-styles of deep soulful Techno, merging their own productions with the selection into one mix.

At alternative and chill-out floors, Saafi Brothers play ambient and dub as well as electronic sounds. So far, they played at festivals like Ozora/HU, Sziget/HU, Tribal Gathering/UK, Mjaft/AL, Roskilde/DK, Arvika Festival/SW, Vision/CH or Summer Jam/G and have been guest in many clubs.


Saafi Brothers perform live with 2 or more musicians a deep live set.

Live Performing artists:
Gabriel Le Mar: guitar, electric bass, fx + dub mixing
Michael Kohlbecker: keyboard & synthesizer
Groovetitan: drums & percussion
Bidiol: keyboard & synthesizer








To listen to

Saafi Brothers Live from the Dome @ Ozora Festival 2022






U-F-O live at Ozora Festival 2018 Opening 

United-For-Ozora feat. Saafi Brothers, X-Dream, Alex Tolstey, Ariel Electron, Markie Jay and Butterfly Magic. Big thanks goes out to all lovely Ozorians who joined the magic tribe.











Booking Synergy Dub


Synergy Dub its a collaboration between Robin Triskele and Gabriel Le Mar and has an hybrid essence based in between the DJ performance and the Live Act. The synergy between these two artists results in sound environments that invite to dance, sustained in Dubtechno music.

The Dj/Live project performing future Dub grooves & vibes in various electronic music styles that range from deep and trippy Techno on the dancefloor to leftfield Electronica or cinematic Ambient at Chillout spaces.

Liquid Sound Design presents its new 'LSD Ambient Sessions' at Ozora Festival 2019. Tune into this special eclectic ambient set from SYNERGY DUB feat. tunes by: Global Communication, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Bluetech, Aphex Twin, BT, Another Fine Day / Greg Hunter, DJ Yogurt & Koyas, Tripswitch, Unknown Reality, Tripswitch, Patchwork….







Robin Triskele is a powerful channel for the eloquent transmission of higher frequencies - a bonafide selectress on a mission to connect the physical and spiritual realms through the mystique of music. She has explored the depths of electronic dance music as she moves you seamlessly with an impressive collection through Psydub, Bass Music, Psychedelic Glitch, intelligent DnB, Dub Techno and other eclectic downbeat forms of electronica. With her positive colourful, engaging spirit, she connects with the light frequencies of sound, projecting a playful energy from the decks to the floor.

Part of the Liquid Sound Design family, as Label Manager and Label DJ... Robin has been at the helm of the PR/consulting agency, Triskele Management since 2003 in London, providing PR, marketing and consulting solutions to the scene's top events, artists and labels.