home of lovely singer Catenia Quentin  

my friend Georg and always inspiration   

homepage of producer Pascal FEOS   

home of our beloved friend Rikta   

originator, his mission: Redefining the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century 

design agency of Jochen Thamm  

Florian Creative Director Interactive  

Thomas Bode Design and Concept   

Tom Schilling from artist industries  

Marko Fürstenberg and his output  

our friend Robin sounddesigner from Berlin    

Creativ-Team - Design    

originator Dr. Motte    

the art community trigger   

homepage of Mike Vamp - musician in Berlin

Martin and Daniel from Berlin    

Carten Thorwald and his works     

Frank Rückert and his projects

our friend Chris and the human design system   

Compañero Deef Pirmasens  

Cem and his mastering studio in Berlin

Yah Meek my brother     

paintings and more      

mischen possible

funky shoes

skateboard distribution

Alex the best Steadicam Operator

Mc and good friend Markie J.

designer and mastermind Simon Ghahary








noisy festival in Hungary

great Merkwürdiges Verhalten party in summer    

rave up, the Colours Party series at Tanzhaus West      

Peiki and his Pollerwiesen Events   

trippin music festival

to deep to sleep in Berlin

a festival with a tempo and a feel





vjing / installation from Berlin 

analogue projections

german blog - Liebe. Freiheit. Alles! Und Musik.

for the nighters, the Space Night series earthviews 4-5   

TV station broadcasting a 24/7 program of Film and Video art  

have a go on it, watch fresh and innovativ video

creative Event Illumination

astronauts and filmmakers     

Lars and voodoopop    

great VJ artist    

animation studio with the vibe   

Gabriel artworx at flickr     

social core, Gabriel on facebook

Gabriel at youtube - join me on this journey

hook up, Saafi Brothers on facebook 

Dublocation a new project of Gabriel Le Mar

Aural Float on facebook

Gabriel audiovisual









up to your ears     

listen to Gabriel Le Mar at

can't stop spinnin', my dj-mixes

web radio and my friends from Bern      

Michael Kohlbecker iand his courses in audio engineering       

Robert Trunz and his delicious high-end loudspeakers     

Basil Martion and his great audiosystems   

Gürcim and his record store

Gaetano is mastering Gabriel´s tracks at perla audio     

Pascal Feos and his label levelnonzero     

schallbox records team from Basel    

label and booking agency of my friend Carsten Schorr    

the broque family     

nice electronica label from Greece     

Dr. Motte and his label praxxiz from Berlin

jeden Tag ein neues Set