Flashin' On



Everybody knows Gabriel Le Mar has been into dub electronica with his project Saafi Brothers since years and many inspiring albums made up their way to the musically likeminded listeners.

His new album "Flashin' On" is a true follow-up of Gabriel's chilled and beatless "Stripped" album, which was also released on Carpe Sonum Novum/US.

"Stripped" is more on the experimental side and shows how minimal dubby sound can be.

On "Flashin' On" floating guitar vibes breathe electronic beats and dub future drumming. All songs ridin' on Gabriel's deeply emotive guitar, finding their deepness in melodies and create an atmospheric feel - feel the same way! Synths duck and cover with rippling facility and beauty, rhythm patterns spill out moire-like variations with all the colors of a gumball machine losing its loot, and the subsequent atmospheres are nothing less than warm analog bubblebaths. Best of all, Le Mar knows how to make his machines *rock*: “We R1” has a great, lumbering gait and rubbery bass line that makes the air literally molten around it.

Catchy calm 'scapes and song structures are the elements of this pretty soulful new Gabriel Le Mar work.
Flashin' on!



CD release and shipping out April 28, 2017

Pre-order now    https://gabriellemar.bandcamp.com/album/flashin-on




All songs written by Gabriel Le Mar, except "Iced Wire" and "Iced Wire Version" with Klangzeuger, and "Feel Like We Peak" with Pascal Feos.

Produced by Gabriel Le Mar at Gab's Lab/Frankfurt.
Mastered by Gaetano Müller at Perla Mastering.
Artwork by Ivi Mo (ivimoart.net).
Special thanks to Tim Tonic (FFM) and Dave at EAR/Rational Music for support






1. In2 The Blue
2  In2 The Blue (Marko Fürstenberg Remix)
3. In My Head
4. Among Trees


Frankfurt based producer Gabriel Le Mar was somewhat of a machine. With eight aliases to his name, with Gabriel Le Mar being his main, he has notched up an impressive fourteen studio albums dating from way back in 1999. While releases have been more sparse over the last couple of years, he resurfaces on release #130 for Lucidflow. There are certain motifs that are absolutely key for Gabriel – dub, deep, soulful, energetic, minimal – all which make up the ‘Luminous’ EP. However while the dub influence is obvious, it is the subtle harmonic nature that acts as a gel across the tracks.

‘Among Trees’ is driving, almost proggy thanks to the low murky churning chords, and absolutely honed in on the dancefloor with acutely measured rushes and drops. After this ‘In2 The Blue’ weaves together several strands of melody – single echoing chords, light staccato beeps, resonant chords – into a single hypnotic whole. Then ‘In My Head’ finishes as the most typically Lucidflow track of the trio, lower in tempo and more fully fleshed in the low end with a little acid seasoning to embellish the flavour.

Marko Fürstenberg takes a break from incredibly successful outings on youandme’s Rotary Cocktail and Ornaments imprints to turn in a remix of ‘In2 The Blue’. It is shade darker in every respect with the harmonic bounce altered into a more eyes down moment, leaving more space for the imagination to get to work in.

Surfacing on 22nd May 2017 via all shops, this will be first available on Beatport on 24th April 2017.










out on a ride



With his album Dubistalles - Vocal Versions Gabriel Le Mar walks on dubby TechHouse paths and is testing the limits of possibilities experimenting with german vocals. An exciting affair in which technoid driving tracks like "Dirty Dancin'" and deep minimal groovers as "Komm in meine Welt" and "Ich fühl mich frei" alternate. Effective tracks, in which danceability, dub-spheres and vocal flow turn into a homogeneous way and playful cleverness. Two of the dancefloor tunes are also mixed in a deeper Ambient Dub Tech vibe and sound treatment is beatless. Hope u like!


The album Dubistalles is also available without the vocals and Gabriel lets his dub mind wander on the instrumental side.



Dubistalles - Vocal Versions and Dubistalles are digitally released in June 2015 on




junodownload ....



Dubistalles (Vocal Version) in stem-format to be found



"A FORMAT FOR CREATIVE DJING: As an open multi-track audio format, Stems enhances creative possibilities for DJs, producers, and live performers. A Stem file contains a track split into four musical elements: a drums stem, a bassline stem, a melody stem and a vocal stem for example.The Stem format provides the ability to freely interact with a track's different musical elements. Each stem can be controlled independently to create instant new mixes." (For more information, please visit www.stems-music.com)









Youth is throwing the doors open of his famed studio complex Space Mountain in Granada, Spain for Puretone Resonate. It is a unique, three day launch party ahead of next years festival, aimed at a very intimate community of 1000 only, across the weekend of Friday 16th to Sunday 18th September 2016. The Orb, Roger Eno (Official), GAUDI, The Egg, Jah Wobble, Tristan, Gabriel Le Mar, Nick Manasseh, Tripswitch, Matt Black, Mixmaster Morris, Steve Kundalini, Robin Triskele and MORE !

My beatless mix for Puretone Resonate Festival that takes part in 16.- 18. September in Spain
hope you'll enjoy & looking 4ward to see you there!







cheer you up for a while



some good news includes the CD release of my album STRIPPED on Carpe Sonum Records/US.

The CD is available on bandcamp, grab it!






Stripped operates on the experimental side. Musically things are shifted more deep and ambient with a dub feel and the sound treatment is beatless but always groovin.






spot on the set


my techno mix for Dr. Motte's Birthday Celebration at Suicide Circus Berlin (Open Air Floor)

into a sound...come to dance...

Keep a look out and keep dubbin!
Peace and love Gabriel









the world goes on
moments of clarity
here for everyone, for everyone




ich jage nächtliche Momente


with my new tracks I´m hunting noctural moments.

Gabriel Le Mar - Ich jage die Katze

Gabriel is back to his old tricks with "Ich jage die Katze".
The cat tracks combine the pure physical energy of TechHouse with hypnotic rhythms - and vocals by George DIN. Vocals and songwriting are ways to intensify the "Katzen tracks" both emotionally and meaningwise.

It`s about goin out, hunting nocturnal moments: Catch them if you can.

digitally released on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Junodwonload...




Ich jage die Katze (original lyrics)

Ich gehe viel aus - und bleib nicht zu Haus - und ruh mich nicht aus - ich jage die Katze - ich fange alle ein - ich jage die Katze - wir lassen die Maus raus - halten sie aus - wir jagen die Katze - ich schlucke das Gift - lauf blau an wie´n Stift - und spring in den Lift - ich jage die Katze - ich steigere michunweigerlich - nur dann bin ich ich - wir lassen die Hunde raus - machen ne Party draus - ich jage die Katze - wir jagen die Katze - ich folg einem Vogel - und schüttle den Kopf - über dem Topf - ich jage die Katze - ich flieg auf den Mond - und steig ihr aufs Dach - tief Nachts bin ich wach - ich jage die Katze - ich steigere mich - unweigerlich - nur dann bin ich ich - ich jage die Katze - wir jagen die Katze...








all set for a wild time in your time

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar - Fever EP Remixed

Here comes the next vinyl for the new clubbing season! PRAXXIZ collects 4 strong remixes of Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar's last 'Fever EP' (PRZ018) on an sensational new bundle: 'Fever EP Remixed'

Japans Techno legend Ken Ishii transformed the originally deep character of 'Zikade' into an ultimate floorfiller with solid sounds and delicate accents. Eric Sneo skillfully re-worked this track and left his unique mark on it. Pascal Feos raised the temperature of 'Fever' with deep Techno grooves plus Chicago and Detroit sounds. PRAXXIZ remix contest winner DJ Sur from Houston Texas pushed the envelope and created a funky-fresh version with some experimental elements. Ken Ishii`s remix of "Zikade" appears on the new Mayday Compilation "Making Friends".

release date Nov. 2014







a new open project



Gabriel Le Mar, George DIN and Marky J. meet again in the house of DUB and start out experimenting in a new open project.

The musicians believe in creativity and in their skills that complement each other, but the most important thing is that they really push each other to find their best ideas and to surprise themselves in their project Dublocation.

It´s about to make good tunes together, have fun, get connected and moving people. A dynamic set is born, focussing on dubtech music with an energetic flow to positive deep Techhouse. Hope that our music makes it´s way through...


Making Waves is digitally released Sept 2014.



to listen to



you got flow

more than that
you got dough
you got gold
diamonds too
I ́ve been told
you got cars
upper class
they got scars
you got dreams
wild one you
as it seems

and above
everything you need love
and above
everything you love rough
strip it off
and I got the right stuff
radar right
everywhere you need love

you got flow
more than that
you got show
you love stars
and their scars
and their bars
you got dreams
wild one you
as it seems
you were sold
by your pop
I ́ve been told
you got moods
more than that
you get flash
and you make up
a happening from ash
with your credit card
or with your cash

and above
you need love
and above
you love rough
strip it off
and I got
the right stuff
radar right
you need love

you got flow
more than that
you got show
you got cars
upper class
they got scars
you were sold
by your pop
I ́ve been told
strip it off
for it's here
the real gold


lyrics by George DIN for Marking Waves










homie club - tonight in our house



because we want to get lost in the night!









I want to study all that I receive





Stripped dub mixes meets Gabriel Le Mar meets beatless in your ears


hello everyone, I started producing and focussing again to downtempo and beatless circles. Musically things are shifted more moody and ambient with a dub feel and the sound treatment is beatless with a hidden ghostly groove. 




pic by Sandhan


Stripped operates on the experimental side and a trippy ambience can be found in the field of electronica and electronic dub.












Gabriel Le Mar @ Sunshine Live Radio Show

please join and listen to









come in and get to know me

pix by Florian Geiger



i´d like to introduce to you my recent dubtechhouse mix
that I performed with my friend Markie J. on vocals

hope you will like the mix - here goes:





german Interview with Gabriel Le Mar at Musikbord  





The Beat Beatless - The track is going to appear in July on CD 4 "Enter.Air" of the compilation ENTER.IBIZA 2013 on Richie Hawtin`s label Minus, compiled by Matthew Hawtin. ENTER.Ibiza Experience takes place each summer at the legendary Space nightclub. ENTER. transforms Space into multiple distinct areas  bringing together a collection of DJ's and artists showcasing the diversity in todays Electronic Music. The ENTER.IBIZA 2013 release is a collection of the different sounds and moods of four of these different areas and the listening experience is akin to taking a trip through an entire ENTER.Ibiza night. ENTER.Air rounds out the experience heading to Space's top level open air terrace for a more relaxed selection of ambience and atmospheres.










Tune into the frequencies of Benevolent Chaos



My next album is called Benevolent Chaos, looking forward to finally share it with you.
It is an experiencing new frontier that I've been working on.


"Benevolent Chaos" gives a good sense of the flow and sound that Gabriel Le Mar is playing around within the moment. On eight tracks and two special beatless versions Gabriel finds his very own way of getting his cluster of ideas across.

Musically the album is ranging from DeepTechhouse to soulful Techno with Dub influences.
With tracks like "It's Your Time" or "On the Beat" Gabriel Le Mar is keeping it fresh and exciting, while on the other hand there are deep and atmospheric tracks like "Deep State", "Telescoping Machine" or "Evolver" with it's in time evolving filtered movements of an electric guitar over a straight forward TechHouse groove. The beatless version of "On the Beat" is balancing melody, sequence and rhythm, while the last track "deepulse" is finishing the album in a suspense relaxation and can take one into an aural out of body experience.







available at








The inputs and the outputs. The flipflops and the flashbacks. Flashing conservations. I`m loving my chaos. Benevolent chaos. An ideal deep state. My tribal chamber. Mental Impulses. Repercussions. Clarity and complexity. The plurality of connectionism. The real me. Ghosts in the tree.

Live in transit
. On the shadow side. On the sunny side. My daily mandala. Enslaved deep underground. Investigative. On the other side of the brain. Reshaping steps inside. Inside in many ways. Getting my greatest insights. Testing my attractions. It`s my place of reflection and happyness.

Musical Immigration
. Get down in my mind. Down. Down there. To go deep into and bring it up. Manifesting? Bedlam. My mind independence. My methods of dispute. My backpack. What is anything about? Replace the clear cut signs. And put the needles out of my head.

I won`t fall. Chaos rules. In peace. Oh, yeah!
Lovin` benevolent chaos.








start of the monthly PRAXXIZ Records podcast!

please keep a look out for a new mix - dub over






photo by Florian Geiger



DJ-Mix "welcome spring"

dear spring, do you want to come back?








ideas on music







Puttin´On The Green Hat




Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar
Release: Puttin' On The Green Hat (PRZ008)
incl. remix by Nihil Young
Release Format: 12" - vinyl
Label: PRAXXIZ   www.praxxiz.de


A track like an ecstatic dance in the glowing heat of Africa "Puttin' On The Green Hat" draws its energy from the deep and dubby tension of the earthy bass drum, surrounded by a playful symbiosis of the whirling lightness of "techhouse rhythm". The hypnotic and distorted Sprechgesang of Amampondo, like a chant of a shaman, leads the listener gently into a deep trance-like state. Pure life energy flows through each tone.






The inspiration for Puttin' On The Green Hat is rooted in the creative techniques of the "thinking caps" or "the six thinking roles" by the pioneering thinker Edward de Bono.
They involve various methods for coming up with new ideas, in which the green hat expresses creative thinking, always in search of new ideas, solutions and perspectives. Everything is allowed, anything goes.
Acting free and naturally Dr. Motte and Gabriel Le Mar were jammin´ around with their controllers and "Puttin' On The Green Hat" draws its energy from the deep and dubby tension to put the listener on a journey. Both easily celebrate pushing "techhouse styles", accompanied by continuous bass drums and share the same idea of groovin´ techno music.


RECORD SALE @ Deejay.de:





photo by Sandhan FreeArt








playing the news




Remixes by Julius Lagerfeld, Brendon Moeller, Smalltown Collective and Steve Cole`s only digital RMX
The Schallbox team around Steve Cole presenting with the spherically driving and playfully dreamy track "Deep Red Guitar", Gabriel Le Mar`s expedition through an acoustic landscape of a levitating guitar and interacting rhythm and bass elements.

The remix by Julius Lagerfeld subordinates everything to a swinging shuffle groove, and beat pharmacist Brendon Moeller brings the atmosphere carried by a deep and warm bassline. Percussive and tonal elements are being joined to form a whole by the Smalltown Collective, which invites to dance and at the same time to dive in and engross. As usual with Schallbox, there is a consolation for all those who have to do without the high grade black vinyl and will sidestep to the digital alternative - the "Digital Bonus Remix" by Steve Cole
















Brand new in those deeper days



What's your sleeper?

with a special focus on the various colours of deep DubTechno and "Dub inspired TechHouse".

Gabriel Le Mar will light a match this year for the dub2dust vinyl, reflecting his passion and respect for the needs of a Dub head on the floor.
The dub-feeling is clearly the inspiration behind the general flavor of the what's your sleeper? sound and will demonstrate innovative efforts to offer interesting hybrids of techno/house music.

hope it`s on your beat!

vinyl  http://www.deejay.de

digital  https://pro.beatport.com/release/whats-your-sleeper/1432749






Artist: Gabriel Le Mar
Release: what's your sleeper?
Release Format: EP - Vinyl (limited Edition)
Label: Dub2Dust Records
Release Date:  April 2012
Catalog: d2d_001

A1 DiscoVery
B1 what's your sleeper?
B2 what's your sleeper? (Quantec´s afterhour at the sunrise remix)

Quantec remixed up a great dub rocker, let us get going through deep and floating dub chords and twitchy piano rolls. The tracks are a wonderful example of going through waves concerning energy and flow with one result - something more musical and playful.


These are the official videos of Gabriel Le Mar`s 12'' Single "what's your sleeper?"











some fresh news



please feel free to listen to Gabriel`s tracks at







Gabriel reads from Ulf Pochardt`s book "DJ culture"  - german







bob level bob



LEVEL shows Gabriel´s affinity to Techno, TechHouse and Detroit influences, while Dub sound is what connects the tunes in all the variations.
All tracks are made for the floor but also work in pure listening fun if you like music that can tell stories.
Moody floating sounds, bassy grooves and atmospheric filterworks as well as danceable deepness are the carrying elements of these nine tunes.

Gabriel is looking to find the right balance of emotion in sound and groove and to give space for floating lyricism in the music. "Palindrome", "Luxury" and "Ich flog auf dem Wind davon" are groovy TechHouse songs, flashing on vocal performances by his friends Ingo Ito and George DIN, who are both excellent musicians and writers.

The album opener "Palindrome" and as well "iGeorge" put the focus more on the groovy DubTechno beat, while "Traralgon Epilogue" with its string-layers and the dubs of "Science-Faction" refer more to atmospheric "Detroit Techno".

"Luxury", "die andere Seite" and "Auf dem Wind davon" are shaping out the TechHouse side of the album, while "Twisted" continues invisibly the inevitable "french kiss" chord-stab syncopations that provide a pretty "laidback techdub tune". The album ends with a the german-dubbed version of "Ich flog auf dem Wind davon". Gabriel sends us into suspense chillz and made a great "beatless dub" out of the tune.







give it a listen










I wave numbers JUMP CUTS


Gabriel Le Mar draws inspiration from many sources. But african funk and african musical traditions and culture influenced him in many ways. On JUMP CUTS Gabriel Le Mar cooperates again with singers and songwriters from South-Africa, after having worked in the past with the band Amampondo.

A true co-work from soul-dub-brother Gabriel Le Mar, fusing tech house and dub influences with the local style of south african music like Kwaito, Maskanda and "traditional Zulu music" into modern club sound.

The queen of modern Zulu music, legendary Busi Mhlongo with her distinctive voice, is chanting on this album.
Busi sadly passed away in june 2010. "Her love for music kept the flames of hope alive during the country’s struggle for democracy. A true legend has passed away. Her music encouraged and influenced a range of contemporary South African artists. She inspired the nation and let the world know of South Africa’s quest for freedom.” President Zuma said.






Jump Cuts



Gabriel also co-opted with Lungiswa Plaatjies, Madala Kunene and Mantombe Matotiyani from Amampondo, one of Nelson Mandela`s favourite bands.
The result is a fusion of ideas that became evident through the "characteristic expression" of these artists, whose vocal performances oscillate between traditional to contemporary, and that are merged in the "techhouse mix" with a soul and dub feel.

"It is all about combining these styles, the physical energy of digital club and dancefloor sounds with hypnotic afro-rhythms and the vocal-power. It`s about to push the musical styles and to find ways to intensifying our tracks both emotionally and meaningwise. I worked with big respect for the ideas of the artists on one hand, and on the other side I focused on creating music for body and soul."  


jump cuts at itunes







greetings to one and all!






please find more releases under music

dub never really ends, no end to it, no end