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Gabriel Le Mar: REEL TIME (DVD)







Gabriel Le Mar: GNOSIS IN DUB (digital EP, Lucidflow Records)
Gabriel Le Mar: ICH JAGE DIE KATZE (digital EP)
Gabriel Le Mar: BENEVOLENT CHAOS (digital album)
Gabriel Le Mar: JUMP CUTS (digital album ) feat. Busi Mhlongo, Lungiswa Plaatjies, Madala Kunene and Mantombe Matotiyani (digital album)
Gabriel Le Mar: DEEP RED GUITAR (vinyl EP) remixes by Julius Lagerfeld, Brendon Moeller, Smalltown Collective and Steve Cole`s only digital RMX (Schallbox/CH)






Gabriel Le Mar: LUMINOUS (digital EP, Lucidflow Records)

Dublocation: MAKING WAVES with George DIN and Markie J (digital album)

Gabriel Le Mar: WHAT'S YOUR SLEEPER ? (vinyl EP) remix by Quantec (dub2dust)
Gabriel Le Mar: LEVEL (digital album) feat. Ingo Ito and George DIN

level on itunes

Gabriel Le Mar: WIZE DUBS (digital remixalbum) remixes by Echonomist, Marko Fürstenberg, Max Cavalerra, Octex, Daniel Blomqvist, Das Kraftfuttermischwerk,  P. Laoss, Subsonic Park, Veer, Motionfield

Gabriel Le Mar: DUBWIZE (digital album)

Subsonic Park: ECHOES FROM INSIDE (CD-album) with remixes by Brendon Moeller and Aku Aku

Subsonic Park: INNER CITY CODES (CD-album) with Alex Azary (Elux)





Gabriel Le Mar: REEL TIME (CD-album)

Dub_Connected: VOL. I (digital-CD-album)


Chill Out

Gabriel Le Mar: INTO SONIC STATES (Digital, Liquid Sound Design Records/UK)

Backstage Gurus: MEDITERRANEAN ODYSSEY (CD-album, Liquid Sound Design Records/UK)

Gabriel Le Mar: SHARED FICTIONS (Double-CD + Bonus Tracks Beatless Mixes, Carpe Sonum/US)

RCO: RADICAL CHILL OUT (CD-abum with Dr. Motte, Carpe Sonum/US)

Saafi Brothers: THE QUALITY OF BEING ONE (CD-album, Liquid Sound Design Records/UK)

Gabriel Le Mar: FLASHIN' ON (CD-album, Carpe Sonum/US)

Saafi Brothers: LIVE ON THE ROADBLOG (digital Iboga Records/DK, CD Carpe Sonum Novum/US)

Gabriel Le Mar: STRIPPED (digital album, CD Carpe Sonum/US)

Namlook/Le Mar: NAMLOOK/LE MAR (CD-surround-album) with Pete Namlook 
(Fax Rec.)

Gabriel Le Mar: NIGHTRADIO (CD-album)  

Saafi Brothers: SUPERNATURAL (CD-album)
 with Michael Kohlbecker 

Saafi Brothers on amazon

Saafi Brothers: LIQUID BEACH (CD-album) 

Saafi-Brothers: MIDNIGHT´S CHILDREN (CD-album)  

Saafi Brothers @ bandcamp

Saafi Brothers: MYSTIC CIGARETTES (CD-album)

Aural Float: BEAUTIFUL SOMEDAY (CD-album) with Pascal FEOS and Alex Azary 

Aural Float on amazon

Aural Float: BEAUTIFUL SOMEDAY (instrumental digital-album)

Aural Float: FREEFLOAT (CD-album) 

Aural Float: INTROSPECTIVES (CD-album)











Psychedelic Techno

PsyTechProject: PTP (digtial EP) (Horns and Hoofs Entertainment)

M-Theory: TEMPLE OF REPETITION (CD) - coop with Gabriel Le Mar (Blacklite Records/IT)

Cimi vs. PsyTechProject: TITANIC (digital EP) (Phantasm Records/UK). A collaboration of Marcello Baccheschi (CIMI) and Gabriel Le Mar (PSYTECHPROJECT)

PsyTechProject: ELEMENTALISM, PT. 1 (digital EP) (Flow Records/PO)




Dj Dag & Gabriel Le Mar: SKATALITE / SELECTAS CHOICE (vinyl 2x12“)  inkl. Remixes by Dr. Motte, D. Diggler, Pascal Feos, Alex Dior (Complexx Music)

Gabriel Le Mar: DUBISTALLES (VOCAL VERSIONS) (digital album)

Gabriel Le Mar: DUBISTALLES (digital album)

Saafi Brothers: MOVING CROSSROADS (REMIXES) (digital EP) - incl. Remixes by Fünf D, Gabriel Le Mar, Groovetitan, Bidiol

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: (vinyl 12") FEVER EP REMIXED - incl. remixes by Ken Ishii, Pascal Feos, Eirc Sneo, DJSur (Praxxiz)

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar:(vinyl 12") FEVER EP (Praxxiz)

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: (vinyl 12") THE BREEZE (Praxxiz)
Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: (vinyl 12") POTGH - The REMIXES II, incl. winner of the remix contest - remixes by Spot Gräfenberg, Pintaa, Alex Dior, Superstrobe (Praxxiz)
Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: (vinyl 12") POTGH - The REMIXES I, incl. remixes by Ingo Boss and Thomas Lizzara (Praxxiz)

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: (vinyl 12") PUTTIN´ON THE GREEN HAT, Remix by Nihil Young (Praxxiz)

Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar: DR. MOTTE MEETS GABRIEL LE MAR (CD-album) with Dr. Motte (Fax Records)

Gabriel Le Mar: UNIFICATION (digital album)


Justin Sequence: TIMESHIFT (digital EP)

Justin Sequence: PARALLEL (digital EP)

Justin Sequence: CONFESSIONS (digital EP)

Justin Sequence: SERIAL (digital EP)

Dub_Connected: ELECTRONIC MUSIC (CD-album) 




Gabriel Le Mar: TRANSITION STAGE (digital album)


Gabriel Le Mar: AMONG TREES I WANT TO LIVE (digital album)

Gabriel Le Mar: SHORT STORIES  (CD-album)

Gabriel Le Mar: HEAR AND NOW (CD-album)

Gabriel Le Mar: GAB´S GIFT (CD-album)

Gabriel Le Mar: GAB´S LAB (CD-album)





Aural Float: BEAUTIFUL SOMEDAY (CD-album) feat. Kim Sanders, Nada and Catenia Quentin 

Banned-X: BLESSED LOVE (digital album) feat. Yah Meek, Ras Abraham, Bobo Niyah, Markie J.

Banned-X: SONGS AN´TRAX (digital album) feat. Yah Meek, Markie J. and George DIN

Gabriel Le Mar: DAILYECHO (digital album) with George DIN 




Banned-X: BLESSED LOVE(digital album) feat. Yah Meek, Ras Abraham, Bobo Niyah, Markie J

Gabriel Le Mar: IN DUB (digital album)

Banned-X: SONGS AN´TRAX (CD album) feat. Yah Meek, Markie J. and George DIN







pass it on


come on – and pass it on now 
I know that you – can make it somehow 
let´s share this thing – all together 
mix it in the air – and change the weather 
get up and – pass it on now 
push you wake up – and raise your eyebrow 
o I see you`re – gone quite far with it 
you look like – ah yes that one is it 
and while you get back – from that dream 
into another – picture we beam 
but before you go – down out on the floor 
I know there`s something – that you do for sure 
never forget – to pass it on yo 
never ever forget – to pass it on fo´
if you forget – to pass it on son
something wild – ill wake you up man


lyrics by George DIN








short Bio



My mission remains the same today:
exploring electronic music with a Dub mindset

Gabriel Le Mar
is a music producer releasing electronic music with a special focus on deep sounds and Dub inspired TechnoHouse. Inspired by the mix techniques of Jamaican Dub music, Gabriel combines his heavy Dub mixing with the pure physical energy of club and dancefloor sounds in his productions.

Being into Dub music for ages Gabriel Le Mar started as a member of the successful dub-club-concept Serious Dropout, and with a sound-system playing strictly Dub: Dub Mix Convention, became one of the driving forces of NuSchool Dub in Germany. The unique connection of Dub, Reggae, Electronic and Techno sounds featured singers from Jamaica and the UK. All tracks were mixed in Dub-style, using the mixing board and it`s effects as musical instruments, other major production tools were overdub- and cut up-techniques.

On his solo albums Gabriel produces tracks, which are tailored for the Dub inspired clubber, combining different playful approaches of Dub with the functionality and stringency of TechnoHouse music. Bridges are built by energetic and minimal grooves. The Dub-feeling is clearly the inspiration behind his sound. Gabriel mixed his Dub universe on his albums Dubistalles, Benevolent Chaos, Level or Dubwize and demonstrates innovative efforts to offer interesting hybrids of techno/house music. It`s all about combining these styles. Classic Dub-effects meeting uptempo beats.

With an open mind and always in a search for fresh musical experiences Gabriel Le Mar likes to integrate himself in different artistic constellations with project pseudonyms such as Saafi Brothers and Aural Float into ambient, space and experimental soundscapes...

With Aural Float Gabriel explored the leftfield side of electronic music. The project produced three albums with an emphasis on live sound manipulations, fat basslines and deep emotional Electronica.

Saafi Brothers
got deeper into Ambient-Dub and add drum thrills that kept the tunes rocking. The secret of the Saafi Brothers albums is the danceable speed in Ambient tracks. Mostly starting with deep intros and then merging into cubby beats for the floor, that can be especially experienced in their live performances.

Next to his music projects Gabriel also worked with "Aural Float" on audiovisual concepts: as a team they artistcally supervised SPACENIGHT, a prototype of a TV-concept, utilizing spectacular film- and documentary footage from outer space with music made on Earth. A spacy sound to accompany the viewer for hours in space. SpaceNight became a success on German television and soon reached cult status among the young night watchers until today. Deep space in the wee hours - on air since 1996. End-of-Days sound for the next generation.

In the following years Gabriel Le Mar received wide acclaim for his genre crossing Dub to leftfield productions with Saafi Brothers, Aural Float and solo.

Gabriel Le Mar keeps on making waves. With a mixture of Reggae influenced Dub, House and deep Dubtechno sounds, he creates a unique connection with his new project Dublocation. In his coop with Dr. Motte Gabriel steps on a new ground releasing electronic dance music with a special focus on the various colours of Techno. Their releases Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar bring together elements of both ends of the Techno/Electronica spectrum, lovingly creating the pure aspects of dance music.

Expect deep + soulful Live+DJ-sets... Gabriel Le Mar knows how to connect DubTechno elements with Technohouse and Techno into an energetic mix, powered by experimental overdubs, played live by Gabriel. Appearances solo and with his projects at festivals like TimeWarp, Deichbrand, ZNA, Roskilde, Sziget, Ozora, Tribal Gathering, Reworks, Mjaft, Hadra, m4music...














photo by Sarah Gussa