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Backstage Gurus



After a long term musical partnership between Groovetitan and Gabriel Le Mar, they decided to create a project together with their friends Castor Troy and Bidiol. The project aims to combine traditional Trance and Chill Out sounds together from elements inspired by the cultural traditions that originated from the areas around the Mediterranean Sea.

Mediterranean Odyssey
mixes a wide array of musical elements from electronic, Greek and oriental music as well as influences from Sufi music traditions.

Although enriched by modern production and sound, the other carrying elements are born of traditional nature. Oud, Ney, Santur, Duduk, Fujijara, Bouzuki, Dutar, as well as traditional rhythms from slow belly dance to archaic warrior rhythm patterns that descend from the ancient Greek world.



Please give this musical Odyssey a listen

CD available on bandcamp - released April 2020

18 track digital bundle available on bandcamp, itunes, amazon, beatport







Reflecting The Beauty Of Polarity


In their love for music, the Backstage Gurus in their second album once again combine Orient and Occident. 
The Sufi tradition followed as a musician to be a mirror that captures the ray of light that represents the music and reflected on the listener to touch the mind the heart and soul.

Released 2022 on Liquid Sound Design Records/UK.


available @ bandcamp









Supercruizer - Skydiverz (Deluxe Edition) - Superstition



Tokyo's Toby Izui and Gabriel Le Mar from Frankfurt became friends and subsequently formed the Supercruizer project in 2001. The result of this fruitful cooperation is a fusion of the talents of two dazzling artists, who have each been responsible for numerous musical activities.

Following the two masterminds admiration for techno and trance sounds in connection with intelligent grooves, the Supercruizer concept is the creation of a highly unique and open minded fusion of electronic music, incorporating influences from east and west, featuring also remixes from Paul Brtschitsch, Kay Randy Michel, D. Diggler, Mijk van Dijk, Andreas Kauffelt, Asem Shama and Yamaoka.    

One Thing must be left to the creators of Superstition: They are consistent in what they do. With the spacey album of Tobi Izui and Gabriel Le Mar, they are sticking to their tradition of releasing projects beyond the trend. Supercruizer ist a classic dubtechtrance-act. A lot of reverb and a perfectly produced bubbly bass. All nerve potentials are blank, but behind milky glass. Flat well-being is announced, everything is round and meek. All this jet airline sound effects and ambient techno trance, but on the contrary is a first-rate dance album. Music for the slow hover over the surface or even better: over the dusty open-air floors of the season.

In 2019 Superstition presents the re-release of the album Supercruizer - Skydiverz as a complete deluxe package incl. all existing remixes.










On his album Dubwize Gabriel offers 8 new tracks which are tailored for the dub inspired clubber, combining different playful approaches of Dub with the functionality and stringency of techhouse music, without sounding like another Basic Channel epigone, but rather to focus on an own approach with different methods and results.

Precisely this means that the length of an album context is used to tell a story: agile tracks like the opening Dubster mixes and the more minimal pounding Love Dub alternate with spheric minimal groovers like Seasonal Dub and Time For Everything. Bridges are built by more minimal functional grooves like Minitex or Nova Bluez, which give an opportunity to exhale.


A perfect on-the-point production, Dubwize sounds refreshingly variable and deep.





video dubster beatless by Gabriel Le Mar and George DIN, researching the dance of the "liquid" elements fire and water, footage shot by George Din on location in Alto Paraiso, Brasilia.




Gabriel Le Mar - Dubwize (auxiliarymagazine US 04.09)
reviewed by : Alex Kourelis
genre : dub techno

In a vein of music as pigeonholed as electronic music, Gabriel Le Mar keeps your interest, not with ethereal ambience or hard driving beats, but with a mindful eye on detail. Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, Le Mar brings us a fine selection of dub techno entitled Dubwize from the German label, Thinner. From the onset, this album gives you rising organ sounds with minimal percussion on the single Dubster”(also released with a video). An unobtrusive yet hypnotic and mesmerizing selection of cuts follow, each resonating with style and mastery. While many artists within this genre tend to focus on the next dance floor filling track, Le Mar’s toolbox seems more oriented on the vibe that is consistent in style. While listening to Dubwize, I reflected many times on how well this album’s tracks complement each other. The listener moves from the brilliant opener into a dub category with Nova Bluez and settles in with Funkstern; a decidedly more percussive affair.  Further within the album, Love Dub and Motorace up the tempo slightly, ringing true of the Thinner style that can be attributed to the majority of their artists. Dubwize is fantastic for an easy afternoon listen or equally as fantastic for the more fervent dub fans.  Dubwize is an album which promises to grow on the listener with each play. Indeed, I found myself neglecting my own iTunes library over time with this gem of an addition to my heavy rotation. Songs such as Seasonal Dub (featuring MC Markie J.) in particular, brought me back over and over as I settled into the groove. While many may question the necessity of so many near-eight-minute tracks (of the 9 tracks on Dubwize, 8 of them top seven minutes), for me, it marked the style of the album as more of a journey and it stands better for it. 
recommended tracks : Dubster, Seasonal Dub, Motorace
if you like you may like : Nulleins, Deadmau5
grade : overall 9 - music 9 - recording quality 9


dubwize at beatport








Wize Dubs - ideas on Dubwize


Wize Dubs - is a collection of tracks of the "Dubwize" album with remixes by Motionfield, Octex, Max Cavalerra, Echonomist, Daniel Blonqvist, Subsonic Park, Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, P. Laoss, Veer and Marko Fürstenberg.

This remix album reflects on the story of Dubwize from different angles, as for each tune the original songs are deconstructed and thus mixed differently. Overall a the collection spans a wide range of moody remixes, from abstract excursions over functional floorkeepers and detached sentiences.


The opening mixes by Octex and Daniel Blomqvist are quite experimental perspectives upon 'Dubster' and 'Motorace' (Dub Mix), both dissolving and rearranging the elements of the original tracks by using shifting beats in a rather submerged dubstep corset. Following this comes the 'Nova Bluez' Mix by Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, remixing "Nova Bluez" in a loungey environment, managing to provide aural satisfaction.

A string of functional mixes is opened by the mix of P. Laoss, rendering 'Seasonal Dub' into a deep, yet uplifting house version which ascends between the poles of sunken dub house and textural landscapes. Max Cavalerra, on the other hand, offers a more minimal technoid approach on 'Funkstern', which centers around a deep stab which gradually evolves into a tunnel.
With the remixes by The Echonomist and Subsonic Park the compilation goes deeper. The Echonomist goes back in time and builds his mix of 'Love Dub' on a "groovy house chord" sequence from previous days, while Subsonic Park offers a journey to a distant location somewhere between deep techhouse and dubtech.
Having arrived there Veer picks the listener up with his tracky, sequenced twirl of 'Seasonal Dub', which leaves enough headroom to unfold the "funky blowers" of the original. Afterwards Marko Fürstenberg launches a most gorgeous rocket to spaced out dubspheres with strong "detroit reminiscences", where there is indeed 'Time For Everything' as indicated by Gabriel's original song. Finally, Motionfield lets us exhale with a natural ambient version of the beatless version of 'Dubster'.


















broad range freeze fields
white out night frost
moon shock stone flash
wake field black out
snow blind day loss
night fade ice wire
 - how high can you get?





Reel Time (CD + DVD)


By his latest DVD Reel Time, Gabriel Le Mar astonishes everyone who thought they´d know him. There´s something for your eyes, too: Le Mar surprises us by sophisticated graphic and cinematic interpretations of his music. The level of artistic maturity and individuality of the clips is deeply impressing. Gabriel Le Mar studied at the Universität der Künste in Berlin and worked as an art director as well. The sounds and images were recorded in India, Nepal, Japan and Le Mar´s homebase, Frankfurt. 

On Reel Time, opulent stringslayer (Firefly), percussively enriched "progressive House" with a pinch of Acid (Stick Dance) or orientally inspired Dubfunk (Zero DB) can be found - a real cornucopia of style-determining factors from Le Mar´s broad musical socialisation between Ambienttrance, Downbeat, Electro and of course, lots of Dub. Thus, Reel Time kind of takes a stock of the Elektrolux sound from somebody with a deep understanding, bringing this mix of elements together to a synthesis in best reel time - just in the middle of the magic interface between past, presence and future of electronic music!

 - enjoy Reel Time in sound and vision


review (german) at   


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CD at amazon


















Subsonic Park



Echoes From Inside - CD

In summer 2007 "Subsonic Park" (Alex Azary und Gabriel Le Mar) again started to play and perform live and in clubs (with own areas at events like TimeWarp, Pollerwiesen or Merkwürdiges Verhalten, as well as with their residency at CocoonClub Frankfurt) and went on up to 12 hours lasting audiovisual journeys with the excited crowds... inspired and driven by those experiences, Subsonic Park consequently developed their sound by their deep and thriving mixes between "deephouse and dubtech" and expressed this progression on their album "Echoes From Inside".










Inner City Codes - CD

Already Subsonic Park’s first and more experimental album  "Inner City Codes" gave a preview on Subsonic Park’s vision of a new style, combining basic channel’s dubtech sounds and atmospheres with detroitish repetitve sequences. With their new album "echoes from inside" which include remixes by Brendon Moeller, Quantum Dubstar and Aku Aku, Subsonic Park combine this energetic vibe with more functional, rocking beats and grooves from DeepHouse to TechHouse to DubTech.


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Subsonic Park - Second Skin / After Dark  Ich geb zu, ich hab ewig keine Elektrolux mehr gehört, die hier aber lohnt sich. Die Tracks sind so wuchtig verdubbt, dass man einfach beeindruckt sein muss und die beiden über 10 Minuten langen Tracks dabei gelegentlich etwas ins Daddeln geraten ist es doch ein sicheres Unternehmen das hier angestoßen wird und das einfach so wuchtig und schwer dahergefloated kommt, dass man die Tiefe - vor allem auf dem konsequenteren und besser durchgreifenden "After Dark" lieben wird.
Mächtiges Vinyl für alle Dubheadz.
review de:bug - bleed ****-*****








Justin Sequence is a techno project of Gabriel Le Mar, focussing his musical spirits in a pure personal and functional statement for the floor.


Justin works on to transform Gabriel´s experiences into sounds for the floor vary from deep and floating techno tracks with dub chords to pumping 4/4 beats and go further on to dubtech elements.



available @


sounds like:
from minimal to maximal electronic club music with a straight 4-2-4 kick combined with experimental sounds and dub influences where from deep states to techmania things are possible...















Confessions EP

1.    confessions
2.    dark night
3.    indsmen
4.    science-faction




55-fifty confessions
words are solid...
who wants to be programmed
and ruled from outrside and above?
this is what is around us...
the walls are liquid
but the words are solid
and feel free to be...
and feel and see and be...
(inspired by)..the music
(from the drum and the mouse)
the outernational agent
coming to send you to funtastic travel...
you can get into it...the music...

Lyrics from Confessions by George Din



Justin Sequence at beatport















Namlook · Le Mar


Gabriel on Fax +49-69/450464 Records


Namlook · Le Mar

CD1:DTS 5.1 Surround System - CD2:Stereo CD 

This first collaboration of "Pete Namlook" and "Gabriel Le Mar" is a perfect combination of two worlds in Chill-Out and Ambient. While both artists have composed and released electronic music for over a decade, each followed a different path. While Pete is often more on the beatless path of "deep instrumental music", Gabriel has a strong connection to dub music and percussive content. Both developed their personal style and now combined their ideas to percussive, melodic and organic monochrome tracks.


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Dr. Motte meets Gabriel le Mar (CD)


Deep and floating grooves tuned to planetary frequencies - 

the result is a trip on the dance floor with deep, floating grooves and predominantly "4-2-4 beats" on the first four tracks, while the last three tracks become an after hours party filled with deep, energetic, beatless grooves with a dubby atmosphere. At the beginning, Dr. Motte introduced Gabriel to another special method of producing music, using a tonal scale that is based on the frequencies of the rotating planets from our solar system, because the rotation of the planets differ from each other along with gravitational principles.

For each track, they tuned their musical equipment to the corresponding planetary frequency of one of the planets in our solar system.
The earth's tuning, for example, is the 435.92 Hz 'G' tone

Please enjoy in sound and vision - featuring the video LaLuna








From the depths


In 1994 Gabriel started with Dub Mix Convention with the first sound system in the Frankfurt area playing strictly Dub.
Their vinyl mixture of nu school sounds, mainly produced in the UK and classic Jamaican stuff, was powered by highly experimental overdubs played live by Gabriel, using his tailormade Dub-case...

After a series of successful underground events, it was time to take the project into the studio. Gabriel and Reverend teamed up with producer Marcus Darius and the first Dub Mix Convention album followed, exploring different styles of Dub by incorporating elements of Techno to House, Jungle and Reggae.

1995, inspired by the mix techniques of Jamaican dub music, Gabriel was also a member of the successful local dub soundsystem Serious Dropout with producers Jammin´ Unit, Tricky Cris and The Reverend. The unique connection of dub, reggae, electronics and techno sounds featured singers from Jamaica and the UK. They released three albums and became one of the driving forces of NuSchool-Dub in Germany, featuring artists like The Rootsman, Mad Professor, Drumhead and Yah Meek.

In the following years Gabriel Le Mar received wide acclaim for his genre crossing dub to downbeat productions with Saafi Brothers and Aural Float and solo.

With Aural Float Gabriel explores the leftfield side of dub. The project (with Alex Azary and Pascal FEOS) produced three albums with an emphasis on live sound manipulations, fat basslines laying down and deep emotional Electronica.

Saafi Brothers (with Michael Kohlbecker and Groovetitan) got deeper into ambient-dub and add drum trills that got the tunes rocking.
The secret of the Saafi Brothers albums is the danceable speed in ambient tracks. Mostly starting with deep intros and then merging into grooves for the floor.







In Dub


Gabriel Le Mar - In Dub (digital)
organic live dub mix

The mixture of dancehall tunes (messenger dub) and digital roots anthems (LetDub arise) is completed by experimental dub soundz (Colors and Dub) and 2 Step (Dub what you want).
All tracks are mixed inna dub-style, using the mixing board and it`s effects as musical instruments, other major production tools are overdub- and cut-up-techniques.

File under dub and enjoy!


Gabriel Le Mar ist in Dub-, Ambient-, Downbeat-, Trance- und Techno-Gefilden schon seit den 1990er Jahren eine sehr präsente Gestalt. Meist verbirgt er sich allerdings hinter Projekt- oder Labelnamen wie "Aural Float", "Saafi Brothers" oder "Banned-X". Mir ist er vor rund zehn Jahren zum ersten Mal mit seinen Serious Dropout-Samplern aufgefallen, die mit ihrem Techno-Dub-Crossover ihrer Zeit weit voraus waren. Danach folgten die "Auralux"-Sampler, die den Reggae Beat zusehends in Richtung Ambient und Elektronik verließen. Mit In Dub ist er wieder back on the track. Hier pulsieren wieder kraftvolle Offbeats mit einem deutlichen Schuss Techno. Einordnen ließe sich der Sound irgendwo zwischen Dreadzone und Kompakt ­ mit deutlicher Tendenz zu ersterem. In den Beats steckt jede Menge Druck und Vorwärtsdrang. Die Mixes sind fast Nebensache, obwohl sie sehr inspiriert und abwechslungsreich gelungen sind. Das gleiche gilt auch für die Trackauswahl. So finden sich hier heftig groovende Uptempo-Stücke, aber auch langsamere, loungige Dubs mit fließenden Basslines und sanften Sounds. Zu beginn des Albums gibt es sogar zwei Dancehall-Nummern, die allerdings ziemlich aus dem Rahmen fallen und auf dem Album eigentlich nicht viel verloren haben. Für den letzten Track hat Le Mar einen schönen Namen gefunden, dessen rhetorische Frage wir nur allzu gerne bejahen: "Alle Dubbed?" 

Riddim Mag 10.05










One of the best known artists nowadays in the German scene is Gabriel Le Mar. With his fluffy sound he is not just the perfect guy for the ambient stage, but his musical spectrum leads from chilly downbeat tunes up to asskicking dancebeats.... Without his sometimes dark techno experiences he serves a smooth and relaxed film of his very own world music with beautiful atmospheres, ethnic samples, soft vocals, lazy dubs and crisp grooves. The secret of the tracks, the danceable speed in ambient tracks, is also the basis of this fine release.
mushroom 12.04


CD at amazon









Short Stories


A ten stories music 

On Short Stories the selected tracks form a progressive journey through electro breaks, dance beats and magnetising instrumental atmospheres. As a deejay and producer Gabriel Le Mar seeks to integrate inspiring moments from his travels and live appearances into his music. Combined with a passion for dub and trip hop, the rhythmic roots in his sound are hard to ignore and crosses the definitions between dance and listening music. Try to describe your music or art!



Gabriel: "I see myself as an artist living in my time and using its opportunities to express myself and to share with friends and fellow artists Peter Tosh`s words: "I am a man from the past,  I am living in the present, walking into the future...".










Hear and Now


Somewhere along the line, Gabriel le Mar went off on one. Evident on his previous two albums Gab´s Lab and Gab´s Gift, he found a style all of his own, and always seemed a bit like the quiet kid in class silently plotting to take over the world. Anyway, my paranoia aside, Hear And Now comes after a 2-year break, and an incredibly fresh-sounding techno-trance-experimental hybrid, drawing in influences from world music, electro, ambient and all with a heavy dose of live instruments. Experience The Lightness is a wonderfully restrained opener, while In Some Other´s Life picks up the pace with a housey, dance-all-night vibe. Machine Karma, as its name suggests, is a tricky fusion between old and new, featuring live didgeridoo over staccato techno rhythms, and Right From The Heart is a catchy leftfield/electro number featuring German singer George DIN. Le Mar´s more reflective, experimental and spiritual side is prevalent on Find A Passage To India, and on two sublime tracks featuring a host of Indian musicians, Journey To Eurasia and Hear And Now. The dubby worldstomper vibe of Travelogue is a delight, and with the semi-chilled, semi-breakbeat bliss of Into Deep, this is an album of depth and intricacy which is geared less to the dancefloor and more to your lounge, beach spaceship or hammock.



The music is an actor and I`m the director
The music is the director and I`m the actor









Following Gabriel`s unique vision of musical crossroads the Dub_Connected: Vol. 1 and the Dub_Connected: electronic music concepts includes guest appearances by other artists and melts techno, trance and house influences with the mix techniques of dub.

The sets of deep bass dubbage features performances from Jack Black, The Rootsmen, Tobynation, Carson Plug, Gabriel Le Mar and more producers.
From techno influenced club smashes to percussive dub hybrids to electro influenced echo-shanks the two Dub_Connected albums delivers a fine blend of different styles. 

Dub_Connected - electronic music

Yes, I know, many people will discuss with me, if this is dub or not. Well, let's call it the leftfield side of dub. At least, Gabriel Le Mar is known for being into dub for ages. He worked closely with The Rootsman and had his own dub project Dub Mix Convention... It's a mixture of dub, trance, a bit house and other electronic ingredients. That's what the title says already. As this is an underground project you can't call it commercial.
8 songs provide you some listening pleasure that takes some time until you realize the beautiness in it. Mostly starting with slow, very dubby intros it sometimes goes to techno parts but always comes back to those trance-dub styles...

I won't describe the songs like I usually do. For that there are too many things in them. Just believe me that The Soul Takes A Flight, In The Brotherhood, Ruf mich mal an or No Vemba! (was it produced in November?) are really great songs. They all contain parts for dreaming and relaxing with sounds from outer space and also dance parts for the club tour. Not to forget a lot of echos everywhere. The BPMs are all between 130 and 140.

...I would say, you should check the album if you're into technoid music with a dubby flavour.

A cool album for those who like their dub a little bit more in a techno fashion (review by dubflash)







Banned-X - a place of reflection


Banned-X stands for a fusion of reggae and dub with different types of electronic music. The project combines the pure, physical energy of digital club and dancefloor sounds with the hypnotic rhythms and the power of vocals from Dub and Reggaemusic. Heavy dub mixing, deep basslines and riddims meet classical song structures, creating moods and vibrations far offside from style-clichées.

Involved are producers Gabriel Le Mar, George DIN and vocalists like Yah Meek, Ras Abraham, Bobo Niyah and Markie J. The mixture of dancehall tunes  and digital roots anthems is completed by experimental dub soundz and 2 Step. The result is a colourful culture clash, which fuses influences from Kinston, London and Frankfurt into an unique style. All tracks are mixed inna dub-style, using the mixing board and it`s effects as musical instruments, other major production tools are overdub- and cut-up-techniques.

Banned-X act as a freely organized convention of masters. The basic goal of the musicians is to push musical styles, such as dub, reggae, dancehall und techno towards a fusion of club tracks and classical song-writing.

George Din's comment: “Vocals and songwriting are not a standard gimmick, but ways to intensifying our tracks both emotionally and meaningwise. We love the physical power of dancefloor-styles. Banned-X is all about combining these styles with a message that goes beyond those well known move your ass - orders".








Seid ihr alle da, sagt ja sagt ja
Seid ihr alle da, sagt ja

(by the) fire now / fire now
we´re skankin it through for you

(there we) play from bob / play for low
the songs everybody knows

it´s a lovely place
/ international
we´re comin around to play

music and love

be your everything
give it a hand
to understand
join in the jammin
be into being around
and give it a hand now

see the magical trick is to give away
like a rubberband comes back
it´s about making the first step
loosening a tight strap a chain round the heart
if you make someone smile
them cheer you up in a while
when you need it
yo the guy on the bar says
we`re the good ones
and here we go
here we go

and that`s all that`s here to say
truth and reason to stay
hope you feel the same way
travellin through your day

rockin in the park ...


lyrics by George DIN







Gabriel Le Mar and George DIN


The music of Dailyecho includes elements of new rock and electronic dancefloor. The emphasis on their debut album is on powerful vocal tracks. "It´s about music at the heartbeat of time". Music and words reflecting the actors, public statements reachin out into the future. The new sound of Gabriel Le Mar and George DIN is pointing ahead, impulsive and clear. George DIN has gained respect in german club scene, performing as a live vocalist with the Saafi Brothers and Banned-X. In 2005 he intensified his cooperation with Gabriel Le Mar. The result - DAILYECHO - a live show and the first album together.

Please join us on our journey







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Saafi Brothers


Dr. Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar

Aural Float

Synergy Dub