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With "Dubistalles" Gabriel Le Mar walks on dubby TechHouse paths and is testing the limits of possibilities experimenting with german vocals. An exciting affair in which technoid driving tracks like "Dirty Dancin'" and deep minimal groovers as "Komm in meine Welt" and "Ich fühl mich frei" alternate. Effective tracks, in which danceability, dub-spheres and vocal flow turn into a homogeneous way and playful cleverness. Two of the dancefloor tunes "Lass es einfach herein" and "Dubistalles" are also mixed in a beatless deeper Ambient Dub Tech vibe. Variability matters!





Stripped dub mixes meets Gabriel Le Mar meets beatless meets your ears.
Gabriel Le Mar started producing and focussing again to downtempo and beatless circles.
Musically things are shifted more moody and ambient with a dub feel and the sound treatment is beatless with a hidden ghostly groove. Stripped operates on the experimental side and a trippy ambience can be found in the field of electronica and electronic dub.










because we want to get lost in the night






Life on the Roadblog

Being into ambient, space and experimental soundscapes.

Gabriel Le Mar, Michael Kohlbecker and Groovetitan worked again on their highly unique mixture of electronic and organic sounds. For the 5th album "Life on the Roadblog" George DIN and Luca Anzilotti and joined the brotherhood.

Life on the Roadblog is released digital on Iboga Records/DK and on CD on Carpe Sonum Novom/US










Their last EP`s "Puttin' On The Green Hat" and "The Breeze" on Dr. Motte`s imprint Praxxiz Records were a trip on the dance floor with deep, floating grooves and predominantly 4-2-4 beats. Their new vinyl Fever EP is filled with deep and energetic grooves with a techno atmosphere.

SALE: Get your vinyl @ Deejay.de


Pascal Feos, Ken Ishii, Eric Sneo and DJSur did great remixes of the Fever EP on Fever EP Remixed
Happy the family!




Come and get closer to the sound that the two music lovers created together!







because we want a wild time in our time




Gabriel Le Mar, George DIN and Marky J. meet again in the house of DUB and start out experimenting in a new open project.

The musicians believe in creativity and in their skills that complement each other, but the most important thing is that they really push each other to find their best ideas and to surprise themselves in their project Dublocation.

It´s about to make good tunes together, have fun, get connected and moving people. A dynamic set is born, focussing on dubtech music with an energetic flow to positive deep Techhouse.

set it free… hope that good music always makes it´s way


Making Waves is digitally released in Sept 2014




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