AURAL FLOAT was formed in 1994 as an electronic music project, which consisted of the music producers and DJs Gabriel Le Mar, Pascal Feos and Alex Azary. The colab was floating with the deep sounds. Aural Float´s music style can be best described as "modern electronic listening music“, ranging from ambient to space and experimental soundscapes.

They compiled the soundtracks for the german cult TV-series SpaceNight, that has been broadcasted every night at tv-station BR, played at many "chill out events", and released three electronic and atmospheric albums Introspectives, Freefoat and Beautiful Someday.




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too deep to sleep




In 1996, Aural Float took over the creative direction of the german cult tv-series SpaceNight, broadcasted on "station Bayerischer Rundfunk“ every night and associated CD/DVD compilations series (Space Night Vol. II - SpaceNight Vol. IX) as well. As a proto type of a nocturnal TV-concept with spectacular images and visionary soundspheres, it received public attention and interest for innovation. Still today you can watch SpaceNight at „BR TV station“.


Under their direction, the Space Night series evolved into an audiovisual concept with space recordings and ambient music that captured a young generation. The electronic SpaceNight of cosmic and spherical sounds was born, one of the most revolutionary TV formats in the 90’s. Aural Float played to the moon. So the term “veterans of electronic music“ is certainly no exaggeration.

The concept of this groundbreaking project was to combine original NASA/ESA film- and video- and documentary footage from outer space with music made on earth. Until today, SpaceNight is a synonym for chillout and with it`s futuristic visuals soon reached "cult status" among the young night watchers. A chillout show that has accompanied the afterparty life of thousands of young people and has been appreciated by electronic music fans. You came home from the club night and to the sounds of the cult show you hit a bridge to chill out.



Due to a Gema fee increase in 2012, the Bayerischer Rundfunk intended to withdraw the show from the TV-program. So far, the music has only been rewarded with a coefficient of 0.1 (test image) and in future the music rights would have cost much more. The cry of the fan base was so great that the tv-station continued the Space Night series, but with royalty-free music from Creative Commons creators.




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Four years later Elektrolux pitched an "ambient television" idea to german tv-broadcaster HR, that was produced as a program called FLOWMOTION (from 2000-2006), a music-series of DJ/VJ mixes, another outstanding platform for avant-garde video artists and "chillout producers" that was created by the Aural Float masterminds. They received lots of good feedback for bringing the realms of video and sound closer together to put DJ and VJ mixes on "mainstream television".
















Some days your back's against the wall
Some days you trip and drop the ball
There are days you lie to save face
And other days your soul is out of place
And no matter how many cigarettes you smoke
No matter how many books you read
No matter how many rosaries you pray
Your heart won't believe
Because you're still here
You're still here
Caught up in the middle of it
And you're still here
You still cry
Walking through the middle of it

Still here
You're still here
You're still here
Still here

This days designed for you to fail
The wind ignores your chance to sail
You can't seem to get away from you
You look around in front to wear the truth
No matter how many cigarettes you smoke
No matter how many books you read
No matter how many rosaries you pray
Your heart can't conceive
Cause you're still here
You're still here
Caught up in the middle of it
And you're still here


("Still Here" vocals by Kim Sanders)














lets go chill at mystery spots




Five years after the last album Freefloat and 10 years after the first album Introspectives, Aural Float strikes new paths with their album "Beautiful Someday", particularly with the increased use of vocals by "Kim Sanders", "Nada Nadia Vagioka" and "Catenia Quentin". Aural Float, in an almost playful easiness, present the way from the experimental search of the beginning to a clearly structured high-end version of sensual cutting-edge Pop Music, finding emotions in melodies. Nevertheless, the system always stays open enough to allow a winking cross reference to their impressionistic "Ambient Trance".

Exclusively on itunes you can get the special instrumental versions album of Beautiful Someday 








featuring the enchanting voices of Kim Sanders, Nada Nadia Vagioka & Catenia Quentin










german press about Space Night


"Space Night, die schönste Serie, die es zur Zeit im Deutschen Fernsehen gibt." (Der Spiegel)

"... bietet Nachtschwärmern und Ruhelosen wahre Sternstunden." (Die Zeit)


"Die SpaceNight ... vermittelt ...  eine distanzierte szenige Sicht der Dinge auf diesem Planeten: Ein entspanntes "über den Dingen floaten", eine globale Perspektive, von der man dann vielleicht Essentielles besser erkennen kann. (Marcus Kreiss, Souvenirs From Earth TV)

"Es ist Fernsehen als Erlösung vom Fernsehen." "Gesättigt von den wunderschönen Bildern fallen die Augen irgendwann ganz von alleine zu. Sie schweben zurück ins Bett und träumen von einem Planeten, den sie am liebsten erobern würden. Gleich morgen!" (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

"Der durchgeknallteste Clip des Jahres" (Jetzt Magazin)

"Sie wollen die Nacht dazu nutzen, wozu sie geschaffen ist: zum Träumen" (FAZ)

"... verfügen die stimmungsvollen Impressionen aus dem Orbit über psychedelische Qualitäten" (taz)









AURAL FLOAT feat. DEEF PIRMASENS performed live at "Planetarium Mannheim" 


an intergalactic "multidimensional experience" through sound, visuals, space and poetry                  traveling space!








In addition to their CD album Beautiful Someday was also released on DVD and transposed their sounds into images and visual interpretations.

"Moving Images" includes selected "Aural Float" tracks as well as comprehensive bonus material in an DVD edition. The tracks are interpreted in a new in and exciting way by well-known video artists, based on high quality film material. The DVD had been produced and published in cooperation with "Corbis Motion", one of the most respected "image and film agencies" for digital media.


Smooth electro beats meet emotional electronica. Remix productions for Paul van Dyk, Xavier Naidoo, A-Ha, Ich + Ich, Camouflage or Juli followed.

However, as the universe teaches us and the universe expands, so we evolve steadily, and the project of the cosmic sounds and avant-garde experimentally chilled sounds no longer exists.











deeply interested in space and time



With Freefloat Gabriel Le Mar, Alex Azary and Pascal Feos delievered their second longplayer and managed to score more tracks for Space Night. The album covers a wide spectrum of spacy sounds and combines well concructed beats with spheric elements. During the three month long sessions in Pascal's "Planet Vision studio", guest vocalists like Patricia Onyewanjo, Yah Meek, George DIN, Markie Jay and space poet Reinhard Furrer added the song structures to the 3-D-sound of Aural Float.




Switchin´ The Wave Of Thought
At The Crossroads
New Frontiers
Zwei G
Session 5
AF Study II
Switchin´ The Wave Of Thought (Reprise)












Sit back and experience the spaces



shifting the gravity

fantastic dream vacation







Zwei G

German Astronaut Reinhard Furrer was a member of the astronaut crew of the NASA "Spacelab Mission D1". His vocals were taped at his flight message transmissions. Flew on October 30 - November 6, 1985     

Zwei G
Remain in your seat...
schwarz... das Weltall ist schwarz
Die Sterne liegen zu meinen Füssen
Sie sind unter mir
Auf der Erde sind Sterne nie unter einem...
Hier sind sie hinter und vor mir
Wohin ich mich auch drehe...
vielleicht bin ich mittendrin
Das ist Protonen-und Elektronenregen
der ist so schön
Zwei G
Ich setze mir den Kopfhörer über
dann ist "elektronische Musik" in meinem Ohr
I´m absolutely upside down
Remain in your seat
... ich weiss gar nicht, wo oben und unten ist
Zwei G... im Orbit

(words by space poet Reinhard Furrer)







Pick up the virus



Introspectives echoes incoming waves into pitch and sound and chillz comes into the sense, whose heart is beating for deep and atmospheric chill sounds.


In early 1994, Gabriel Le Mar met Alex Azary, co-founder of the famous Techno Club at the Frankfurt Airport and mastermind of the XS-Club in the center of the city, at this time one of the leading venues for ambient and chill out sounds in Europe. Together, they formed the Aural Float project, held a residency in the XS Club, and appeared on the stages of many other clubs and events all over Europe (Montreux Jazz Festival /CH). In the same year, Aural Float released their first track on a various artists compilation put out by a major label. The Frankfurt based producer and DJ Pascal Feos became a member of the project and the trio delivered a well acclaimed remix for Sven Väth and their first album Introspectives.



South Of The Clouds Pt. 1
South Of The Clouds Pt. 2
Internal Movement (In Imaginary Rooms)
Pick Up The Virus











here`s some beautiful musical experience

change and make it more beautiful...with silence.










Aural Float  -  Introspectives (album) 1995

Aural Float  -  2G (10") 1998

Aural Float  -  The Final Frontier (12") 1999

Aural Float  -  Freefloat (album) 2001

Aural Float  -  Beautiful Someday (album) 2005

Aural Float  -  Moving Images (DVD) 2007






Aural Float presents: Space Night Volume IX (2 x CD - 2003)

Aural Float presents: Space Night Volume VIII (2 x CD - 2002)

Space Night presetns Perry Rhodan 40th Anniversary (2 x CD - 2001)

Aural Float presents: Space Night Volume VI (2 x CD - 2001). This CD contains the soundtrack of "BR Space Night' s" 60 min. videomix "Earthviews VII" shown on BR-TV 

Aural Float presents Space Night - Best of Earthviews (DVD - 2001) Contains videos taken from the German late-night TV-series "Space Night - Earthviews" (episodes 4-7)

Aural Float presents: Space Night Volume V (2 x CD - 1999). The album contains the soundtrack of "BR Space Night's" magic 60 min. videomix "Earthviews VI" shown on BR-TV

Aural Float presents: Space Night Volume IV - New Frontiers (2 x CD - 1998)

Space Night Vol. III (2 x CD - 1997)

Space Night Vol. II (2 x CD - 1996)

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