AURAL FLOAT was formed in 1994 as an electronic music project, which consisted of the music producers and DJs Gabriel Le Mar, Pascal Feos (R.i.P. Bro) and Alex Azary. The colab was floating with the deep sounds. Aural Float´s music style can be best described as "modern electronic listening music“, ranging from ambient to space and experimental soundscapes.

They compiled the soundtracks for the german cult TV-series SpaceNight, that has been broadcasted every night at tv-station BR, played at many "chill out events", and released three electronic and atmospheric albums Introspectives, Freefoat and Beautiful Someday.



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Introspectives echoes incoming waves into pitch and sound.

The perfect hypnotic soundtrack for the BR3 SpaceNight.


Aural Float produced their debut album Intospectives in 1994 in Pascals studio in Bad Nauheim. Breathing, electronic music, a hynotic trip into a trance-modulated mood. Deep and atmospheric chill sounds fly over imaginary landscapes.


Aural Floats first album contains five tracks, which are more than ten minutes long and take the listener on a long warm journey to faraway places.


South Of The Clouds Pt. 1
South Of The Clouds Pt. 2
Internal Movement (In Imaginary Rooms)
Pick Up The Virus








SpaceNight Too Deep To Sleep


Slowly we see our planet turning into the black universe attended by spherical sounds and gentle beats. Mesmerizing images from the window of the ISS at an altitude of 400 KM: a view on them gives impressions of candyish cotton clouds, mountains, rivers and coasts, waves on the oceans, a sea of lights at night to the viewer. The fascination of SpaceNight is not just to show our planet in its amazing beauty, but to carry the viewers directly to the stars. In front of the TV we are floating in the middle of the sky. We are in the late night program of the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR).

The SpaceNight chill-out serie has become a cult. The viewers experience is a unique and weightless perspective on our earth.

In 1996, Aural Float undertook the musical direction of SpaceNight, broadcasted every night on German TV station “Bayerischer Rundfunk“.

The initial idea of an electronic Space Night evolved out of Chill-Out sessions in the XS club in Frankfurt. The dancefloor was covered in seat pads that invited people to relax instead of dancing. The visuals were projected directly to the screen and the SpaceNight TV program appeared in the club, but without the original TV sound that featured classic music and rock anthems in a pathetic sound. The Aural Float ChillOut sound that was played live instead featured a more relaxed and deeper atmosperic music that payed tribute to the fact that most astonauts and cosmonauts that had been in space expressed when they returned to earth, and that is of humilty and compassion since the earth seems so fragile in its enterity which becomes obvious when seen from space.

Aural Float presented this electronic SpaceNight concept to the responsible managing editors of the broadcasters BR that were convinced and the journey bagan.

Aural Float created the CD/DVD compilations series „Space Night Vol. II“ - “SpaceNight Vol. IX“ as well. As a proto type of a nocturnal TV-concept with spectacular images and visionary soundspheres it received public attention and raised interest for its innovation. Until today SpaceNight is still seen on “BR“ TV-station.

Under the direction of Aural Float the SpaceNight TV-series evolved into an audiovisual format with space field recordings and ambient electronic music that was captured by a young generation. The electronic SpaceNight of cosmic and spherical sounds was born, one of the most revolutionary TV- formats in the 90’s. Aural Float played to the moon and they became an institution conscious to a whole club culture generation. The term “veterans of electronic music“ is certainly no exaggeration. It was the momentum of the techno movement that contained also leftfield forms of electronic music such as Chill Out.

The concept to combine original NASA/ESA films, videos and footage of space missions along with music made on earth became a byword for chillout. With it`s futuristic visuals Space Night pretty soon reached "cult status" among the young night watchers. A futuristic show that accompanied the afterwork and afterparty life of young people and electronic music fans. Coming home from the club at night and chilling to the sounds of the cult show, Aural Float created a bridge to chill out and come down.

SpaceNight had left its marks to a whole generation of electronic music enthusiasts.

End-of-Days sound for the next generation.


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SpaceNight, die schönste Serie, die es zur Zeit im Deutschen Fernsehen gibt. (Der Spiegel)

... bietet Nachtschwärmern und Ruhelosen wahre Sternstunden. (Die Zeit)


Die SpaceNight ... vermittelt ...  eine distanzierte szenige Sicht der Dinge auf diesem Planeten: Ein entspanntes über den Dingen floaten", eine globale Perspektive, von der man dann vielleicht Essentielles besser erkennen kann. (Marcus Kreiss, Souvenirs From Earth TV)

Es ist Fernsehen als Erlösung vom Fernsehen. Gesättigt von den wunderschönen Bildern fallen die Augen irgendwann ganz von alleine zu. Sie schweben zurück ins Bett und träumen von einem Planeten, den sie am liebsten erobern würden. Gleich morgen! (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Der durchgeknallteste Clip des Jahres. (Jetzt Magazin)

Sie wollen die Nacht dazu nutzen, wozu sie geschaffen ist: zum Träumen. (FAZ)

... verfügen die stimmungsvollen Impressionen aus dem Orbit über psychedelische Qualitäten. (taz)






Zwei G

German Astronaut Reinhard Furrer was a member of the astronaut crew of the NASA "Spacelab Mission D1". His vocals were taped at his flight message transmissions. Flew on October 30 - November 6, 1985.


Even if there are certainly more illustrious names in the history of spaceflight than Reinhard Furrer, no one has allowed mankind to participate in his stay in space as directly and authentically as the German scientific astronaut. In 1985, he collected his impressions from space on a small dictaphone and thus allowed thousands to share in the fascination of space travel.


Zwei G
Remain in your seat...
schwarz... das Weltall ist schwarz
Die Sterne liegen zu meinen Füssen
Sie sind unter mir
Auf der Erde sind Sterne nie unter einem...
Hier sind sie hinter und vor mir
Wohin ich mich auch drehe...
vielleicht bin ich mittendrin
Das ist Protonen-und Elektronenregen
der ist so schön
Zwei G
Ich setze mir den Kopfhörer über
dann ist "elektronische Musik" in meinem Ohr
I´m absolutely upside down
Remain in your seat
... ich weiss gar nicht, wo oben und unten ist
Zwei G... im Orbit

(words by space poet Reinhard Furrer)








What do you see when you look up in the nightsky? You will have stars like no one has. Stars, a synchronicity of countless points of light, that draw their circles. They are farthest from us and yet bring us back to ourselves.

“…the universe is black.
The stars are at my feet.
They are under me.
On earth stars are never under one…
here they are behind and in front of me,
wherever I turn…
maybe I`m in the middle of it.“
(words by german astronaut Reinhard Furrer)

Full of awe and humility, the astronauts and cosmonauts returned from outer space. The view into space and the view upon the earth entirely changed their perception. It allowed them to see the earth as an entirety , its uniqueness and breathtaking beauty as well as its fragility. The healing earth exists in perfect harmony. Seen from space, there are no boundaries, all life is interconnected. Our planet as a living, breathing organism that is vulnerable. Only the atmosphere a paper thin layer protects humanity from the infinity of space. One can hope that the inhabitants of this planet want to protect their cosmic home.

No star burns without changing anything on earth. The stardust is everywhere. What happens somewhere affects everything. Our planet and its inhabitants react as a whole. To regenerate our planet, we have to create new models, new codes, more human utopian concepts, more inclusive communities, a global (comm)unity acting as one, another future society.
















Some days your back's against the wall
Some days you trip and drop the ball
There are days you lie to save face
And other days your soul is out of place
And no matter how many cigarettes you smoke
No matter how many books you read
No matter how many rosaries you pray
Your heart won't believe
Because you're still here
You're still here
Caught up in the middle of it
And you're still here
You still cry
Walking through the middle of it

Still here
You're still here
You're still here
Still here

This days designed for you to fail
The wind ignores your chance to sail
You can't seem to get away from you
You look around in front to wear the truth
No matter how many cigarettes you smoke
No matter how many books you read
No matter how many rosaries you pray
Your heart can't conceive
Cause you're still here
You're still here
Caught up in the middle of it
And you're still here


(Still Here - vocals by Kim Sanders)










Lets go chill at mystery spots



BEAUTIFUL SOMEDAY featuring the enchanting voices of Kim Sanders, Nada Nadia Vagioka & Catenia Quentin

Five years after the last album Freefloat and 10 years after the first album Introspectives, Aural Float strikes new paths with their album Beautiful Someday, particularly with the increased use of vocals by Kim Sanders, Nada Nadia Vagioka and Catenia Quentin. Aural Float, in an almost playful easiness, present the way from the experimental search of the beginning to a clearly structured high-end version of sensual cutting-edge Pop Music, finding emotions in melodies. Nevertheless, the system always stays open enough to allow a winking cross reference to their impressionistic Ambient Trance.

Exclusively on itunes you can get the special instrumental versions album of Beautiful Someday 









In addition to their CD album Beautiful Someday was also released on DVD and transposed their sounds into images and visual interpretations.

Moving Images includes selected Aural Float tracks as well as comprehensive bonus material in an DVD edition. The tracks are interpreted in a new in and exciting way by well-known video artists, based on high quality film material. The DVD had been produced and published in cooperation with Corbis Motion, one of the most respected image and film agencies for digital media.


Smooth electro beats meet emotional electronica. Remix productions for Paul van Dyk, Xavier Naidoo, A-Ha, Ich + Ich, Camouflage or Juli followed.

However, as the universe teaches us and the universe expands, so we evolve steadily, and the project of the cosmic sounds and avant-garde experimentally chilled sounds no longer exists.











Deeply interested in space and time



With Freefloat Gabriel Le Mar, Alex Azary and Pascal Feos delievered their second longplayer and managed to score more tracks for SpaceNight. The album covers a wide spectrum of spacy sounds and combines well concructed beats with spheric elements. During the three month long sessions in Pascal's Planet Vision studio, guest vocalists like Patricia Onyewanjo, Yah Meek, George DIN, Markie Jay and space poet Reinhard Furrer added the song structures to the 3-D-sound of Aural Float.













Aural Float: The Alchemy Of Emotion

The first released Aural Float studio recording ever, produced with Marc Arcadipane (forming member of cult Hardcore Techno project PCP) in Marc’s studio in Frankfurt in 1994, released on Frankfurt Trax Vol.6 „Return To Zero“ in 1995 on Sony Dancepool.










Here`s some beautiful musical experience

Change and make it more beautiful...with silence.










Aural Float  -  Introspectives (album) 1995

Aural Float  -  2G (10") 1998

Aural Float  -  The Final Frontier (12") 1999

Aural Float  -  Freefloat (album) 2001

Aural Float  -  Beautiful Someday (album) 2005

Aural Float  -  Moving Images (DVD) 2007






Aural Float presents: Space Night Volume IX (2 x CD - 2003)

Aural Float presents: SpaceNight Volume VIII (2 x CD - 2002)

SpaceNight presents Perry Rhodan 40th Anniversary (2 x CD - 2001)

Aural Float presents: SpaceNight Volume VI (2 x CD - 2001)

The CD contains the soundtrack of BR Space Night's 60 min. videomix Earthviews VII shown on BR-TV.

Aural Float presents SpaceNight - Best of Earthviews (DVD - 2001)

Contains videos taken from the German late-night TV-series SpaceNight - Earthviews (episodes 4-7).

Aural Float presents: SpaceNight Volume V (2 x CD - 1999)

The album contains the soundtrack of BR SpaceNight's magic 60 min. videomix Earthviews VI shown on BR-TV.

Aural Float presents: SpaceNight Volume IV - New Frontiers (2 x CD - 1998)

SpaceNight Vol. III (2 x CD - 1997)

SpaceNight Vol. II (2 x CD - 1996)


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Pascal Feos (r.i.p. bro)

The world has lost a real Techno pioneer. My good and long standing friend Pascal Feos left his body way too early.

Thank you for your friendship, your support and your good soul.
Thank you for the countless days and nights in your studio and for the tracks in their experimental deepness.

In the 90s we experienced the Techno roller coaster, live and in the studio, driven and relentlessly bustling in extremly high end aspiration, patiently sculpturing the wave shapes until they met his own demands, that had always been high level. Free play and reflexion.

At the same time I valued his open mind and his wide musical horizon. He had always been a good friend, a good soul and a true player to rely on.

We played in Greece for our fellow countrymen that always went nuts, I was at his wedding, we had countless studio sessions, spending days and nights in the studio, we’ve been through ups and downs together but always carried by confidence and always walking upright.


With Aural Float we played to the moon.

The SpaceNight-Sound came out of Pascal’s studio and had been developped together with him.

 He had been a true master in condensing the artistic expression into what is truely necessary for a tune to shine. He supplied the sounds needed and kept inviting me to play guitar, bass, keyboards lines, sample digging, etc, then went through the recordings to clean up for what seemed necessary by finetuning the elements so that they would have a sound definition and their placing in the stereo field. 

The results been sonic pieces of art that were shaped with passion for detail, made to stay. Pascal had also always been open for new musical horizons and every new production shaped his skills, lifting them up to a higher level of improvement and made him one of Germany’s finest producers.

I am very thankful to Pascal for having introduced me to Pete Namlook (r.i.p.) with the words „You guys should absolutely meet and do something together“. Pascal always supported me with my projects and created remixes that are elegant, timeless and just good, true and  beautiful pieces of sonic art and skillfull craftsmenship.

The most important thing for us was the music.

Self Reflexion in it’s core tells his attitude towards life and people, friendship, family, his values. We met in his studio while he was working on his first solo album (after already successfully having had a career with his project Resistance D). Enthusiastically but also thoughtfully, he told me about his ideas for his album and invited me to contribute. All I did was to take his words and form them into an English poem. I thought my job was done but he asked me to voice it quickly just for the moment...this way he made me an MC of his album title.

The music remains.
Rest in peace my brother.

Καλό παράδεισο αδερφέ ❤️ Gabriel

Music was always my navigator through time and space for years! 
Imagine no sound ever touched your ears?!? 
Like being alone on Mars, forever banned. (Pascal)



Self Reflexion by Pascal Feos

Come on, you know,

you guys should tell me,
where this all started,
where it all began,
where we’re coming from,
where we’re going to
and what we are here for.

It’s about our culture,
we live in the present,
right now and here
and we walk into the future.

Just keep on going into the cycle of life,
groovin’ and getting together.

it’s about you and me.

It’s all about where we’re coming from,
what does that mean to you?
That’s what it’s all about.

What is this all about?
I tell you it’s all about roots
and it’s all about where we’re coming from
and where we are going to.

it’s all about sharing these moments.
groovin’ and getting together - you know?
it’s about the family of music.
Just keep on going into the cycle of life
and walk into the future.

What does it mean to you
and what are we here for?

it’s about you and me.

it’s about you and me
and what we are here for.