ORDER ODONATA - Beyond the Looking Glass
Dragonly Records is back with the legendary Compilation

Dragonfly Records is back with another installation of their seminal Order Odonata series with ‘Beyond the Looking Glass’.

Nine infectious dance-floor groovers from both legends and exciting newcomers alike, this collection is guaranteed to send you on a mind-bending psychedelic trip down the rabbit hole and back. Order Odonata compilation release, curated by label manager Robin Triskele.

Happy and proud to join' the wild bunch with my venture 'PsyTechProject'


Track Credits

1. Eli Spiral & Kri Samadhi – External Output

2. T.M.C. – Devastator

3. M-Theory & Chameleon - Pickled Heads

4. Pleiadians - Magnetic Fields (InnerZone remix)

5. Filteria - Crimefighter Frog (Live Remix)

6. Vaporized - New Horizons

7. PsyTechProject - Super BlueMoon Momentum

8. Obri – Nasty Woman

9. Youth – Cut the Deck







PsyTechProject (PTP) - CyTech (Psychedelic Techno) - Horns and Hoofs Entertainment










PSYTECHPROJECT is a psychedelic techno project of Gabriel Le Mar, focussing his musical spirits in a pure personal and psytech statement for the floor.


PsyTechProject works on to transform Gabriel´s experiences into sounds for the floor vary from deep and floating techno tracks with psychedelic sounds and go further on to acid elements.



available @







Rave The Planet Streaming - Instant Rave #39 (Planet Edition)


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Rave The Planet is the official follow-up to the famous Love Parade in Berlin. In 2022, a whopping 300,000 ravers came to Berlin for the first parade. Rave The Planet is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the spirit and culture of electronic dance music.









PsyTechProject (PTP) - SaiTech (Psychedelic Techno / Acid)









When Gabriel travelled to India for the first time in the 1988/89 season and found himself in Goa dancing towards the sunrise to a fusion of Industrial Body Beat, Acid House and Techno Trance music on a field in Vagator (Disco Valley), it was an initial moment to him. In this place the urban sound of the cities and the experience in and with nature were combined to create an unforgettable momentum.

Decades later many different styles evolved and morphed into own genres with sub genres.
On PsyTechProject techno rhythms and trance are building and float into psychedelic and deep electronic music with a heavy taste of acid. With PsyTechProject Gabriel Le Mar bridges the gap and reconnect Psychedelic and Techno music, unity in diversity.

Releases and remixes by PsyTechProject on Horns and Hoofs Entertainment, Blacklite Records, Phantasm Records, IbogaTech, Flow Records, Liquid Sound Design Records.

Feel free to listen to








PsyTechProject: Super BlueMoon Momentum from ORDER ODONATA - Beyond the Looking Glass (digital album) - Dragonfly Records




DM-Theory & PsyTechProject: Get Involved (digital EP) - Phantasm Techno



Get Involved - Acid edit

Party Trooper 

Get Involved - club edit



Holeg Spies & Jaia ft. Thierry Gotti: Rain (PsyTechProject Remix) (digital EP) - Dragonfly Records/UK




Hautacam: Golden Corner (PsyTechProject Remix) (digital EP) - Dragonfly Records/UK



PsyTechProject: ELEMENTALISM, PT. 1 (digital EP) - Flow Records/PO






PsyTechProject: PTP (digtial EP) - Horns and Hoofs Entertainment






Cimi vs. PsyTechProject: TITANIC (digital EP) - Phantasm Records/UK
A collaboration of Marcello Baccheschi (CIMI) and Gabriel Le Mar (PSYTECHPROJECT)
TITANIC is a psy progressive morning monster, percussion fuelled with tribal chants, clattering FX and gated pads that ebb & flow across nagging synth hooks, sure to find a place in the sets of trance DJ's everywhere.






PsyTechProject: A Certain Funk from The Outlaws, Vol. 01 (digital album compiled by Alex Tolstey) - IbogaTech/DK


A Certain Funk


M-Theory: TEMPLE OF REPETITION (CD) - coop with Gabriel Le Mar - Blacklite Records/IT


Temple of Repetition


Saafi Brothers: Mystic Cigarettes: Special Remixes of Classic Flavours (CD)- Internal Code Error 930 (PsyTechProject Remix) - Liquid Sound Design Records/UK


Internal Code Error 930 (PsyTechProject Remix)











PsyTechProject (PTP) - PsyTech (Psychedelic Techno) - Horns and Hoofs Entertainment







M-Theory & Gabriel Le Mar: TEMPLE OF REPETITION - Blacklite Records/IT